85 Best Lebanese Recipes

Love Middle Eastern food? These 70 Lebanese recipes will keep you busy and satisfied. Authentic recipes featuring chicken, beef, rice, desserts, and more!

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If you’re looking for the best collection of Lebanese recipes, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find 85 authentic Lebanese recipes, from popular salads like Fattoush and Tabbouleh, to well-known grilled mains like kafta and kabobs to the best Lebanese desserts, like baklava and sfouf. Learn how to cook these authentic Middle Eastern dishes with my easy tutorials and approachable methods.

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Both my parents are Lebanese, so I grew up watching them prepare these recipes over and over again. I’ve perfected their recipes through trial and error (since they don’t measure anything!) and simplified many to make them more approachable for weekday meals. And I’m so thrilled to share these easy Lebanese recipes with you so you feel comfortable preparing them for your family and friends.

What is Lebanese Food?

Lebanese food is Lebanon’s culinary cuisine, which is full of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and meats. Lebanese cooking is known for being one of the healthiest in the world, with rich culinary traditions throughout its region, bold flavors, and notable techniques.

These Mediterranean flavors and textures combine all the best ingredients for diverse and mouthwatering recipes. Meals in Lebanon are often a communal affair, with an emphasis on sharing and enjoying food with family and friends. That’s why a mezze platter, a shared appetizer, is one of the most popular traditional Lebanese recipes.

But beyond the appetizers, you’ll find lots of mouthwatering Lebanese dishes with rice, chicken, and other meats in this Middle Eastern cuisine. And because of the rich variety of fresh vegetables in Lebanese culture, you’ll have no trouble finding your favorite Lebanese vegetarian recipes.

Tips for Cooking Lebanese Recipes

  1. Go fresh. Lebanese food is all about using fresh ingredients that are flavorful and vibrant. Use fruits and vegetables that are in season, and, if you can, buy from your local farmers’ market for the best quality.
  2. Make your own spice mix. It’s so much better to make your own spice mixes as you can control exactly the flavor you want. It’s easy to make your food a little spicier or more herby this way.
  3. Make sure your spices aren’t stale. Dried spices have a shelf life, so before you use them in your dishes, rub a little between your fingers. They should release an aroma; if they don’t, it’s time to buy some more.
  4. Be adventurous! It can be daunting trying new foods, but these traditional Lebanese recipes are some of my favorites, and you know I wouldn’t give you anything that wasn’t delicious! Discovering new cuisines is one of my favorite things about cooking, so step out of your comfort zone and discover a new favorite!
  5. Get Nutty. Almonds and pine nuts are commonly used in Lebanese cuisine. Hashweh is a great example of how nuts are incorporated into recipes using pine nuts. A buttery, mild flavor that enhances and balances the ground beef. Pistachios and walnuts are two popular nuts that reign over most others in Lebanese desserts.
  6. Stock the Pantry. Enjoying Lebanese dishes is easy when you have the most common components on hand. A few ingredients to have stocked are bulgur, lentils, chickpeas, and olive oil. In the refrigerator, you’ll often find yogurt, beef, and lamb. And for produce, cucumber, tomato, onion, and eggplant.

How to Plan a Lebanese Sample Menu

Creating the perfect Lebanese menu is easy to accomplish when you follow these tips. You and your company will love sharing a meal together that is not only a conversation piece but offers so much flavor and variety to be enjoyed by all.

  • Pick a variety of dishes that showcase the rich flavors and diversity of the Lebanese cuisine. This list of authentic Lebanese recipes will have everything from staples to Lebanese chicken recipes to desserts.
  • Serve a mezze platter. For a grand meal, a mezze can include cold and hot traditional Lebanese recipes such as skewered meats, seafood, and traditional dishes such as kibbeh, kafta, labneh, and tabbouleh.
  • Time it right. It’s common for a Lebanese dinner to start late in the afternoon and last for about 2 hours. The food is served as it is made, usually with the cold items first, followed by the hot foods, and then desserts.
  • Bundle ingredients for multiple dishes. You can have a lot of options and use the same foods. Use ground beef in two different recipes and double up the staples like seasonings. This streamlines your cooking.
  • Use similar cooking styles. When creating a Lebanese sample menu, choose recipes that cook the same. Instead of a combination of stove top, grilling, oven, or no-bake cooking methods, create a menu that will make it easy to put together a few recipes with fewer steps.
  • Create a balanced meal. Make sure your menu includes protein-rich dishes complemented by grains such as rice and bulgur and paired with a colorful display of vegetables, fresh herbs, and vibrant fruits.

Traditional Lebanese Recipes

  • Traditional Lebanese Hummus – This Middle Eastern spread is a true authentic recipe that has made headway all over the world. You can easily find premade hummus in stores, but it is also simple to make with just a few common ingredients. This is truly the best authentic creamy hummus dip that is made with just a few ingredients.
  • Kibbeh – A mixture of ground beef or ground lamb, onions, and bulgur that is used as a casing for stuffing. It’s flavored with aromatic Middle Eastern spices for the quintessence of Lebanese and Middle Eastern comfort food.
  • Chicken Kafta – A dish made with just four common ingredients and shaped into a ball or log, customarily shaped around a skewer and grilled, but may also be cooked in a grill pan. A must-try from your list of Lebanese chicken recipes.
  • Warak Enab – Commonly known as stuffed grape leaves, this is one of those Lebanese vegetarian recipes that can easily be modified to include meat. The leaves are softened and rolled with either rice and veggies or rice and meat.
  • Tabbouleh – This traditional Lebanese tabbouleh salad is a healthy vegan Mediterranean recipe made with bulgur, parsley, mint, and chopped vegetables. Packed with flavor, tabbouleh can be served as an appetizer using pita to dip in, or on top of lettuce as a meal.
  • Fattoush – Essentially a bread salad, it commonly uses a pita torn into pieces and fried. It is then served over lettuce, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, and radishes. The ingredients can vary depending on what you have available and it is a great way to use up leftover veggies.
  • Lebanese Knafeh – This popular dessert is made with crunchy shredded phyllo dough then layered with cheese, soaked with rosewater simple syrup, and topped with crushed pistachios.
  • Lebanese Baklava – Make homemade baklava in a fraction of the time with this deliciously easy method! Filled with walnuts and finished with an orange blossom simple syrup.

Best Lebanese Recipes

Here are some classic Lebanese recipes that are very common in Lebanese restaurants and households. These do require some special ingredients like bulgur, grape leaves, or phyllo dough, but as always, I offer shortcuts and modern updates to make the recipes quicker and more approachable. This collection of traditional Lebanese recipes offers everything from common every-day staples to appetizers, dishes with hearty grains, and mouthwatering soups. You’ll also find your favorite Lebanese chicken recipes, entrees made with other meats, and satisfying Lebanese vegetarian recipes. There is something for everyone in this roundup!

Easy Lebanese Staples

  • Za’atar – This seasoning blend is flavorful and delicious in various dishes, from dips and spreads to meats and vegetables. It’s an easy way to add unique flavor to your meals, and I find that it really elevates Lebanese dishes with meat.
  • 7-Spice Blend – Used in many Middle Eastern recipes, 7-spice blend gives that authentic flavor and adds depth to grains, soups, and meats.
  • Labneh – Yogurt is strained to remove most of the moisture, resulting in a thick, tangy, and creamy dip. This “cheese” can be compared to cream cheese and is great used as a dip for veggies, pita chips, and more.
  • Toum Sauce – This garlic sauce is a popular condiment in Lebanese restaurants, often served with Lebanese chicken recipes. It’s made with only 4 ingredients: garlic, oil, lemon, and salt.
  • Pickled Turnips If you see pink pickles served with your shawarma in Middle Eastern restaurants – they are pickled turnips, and they make a zingy, tart, and slightly sweet accompaniment to your Lebanese dishes with meat.
  • Homemade Pita – Pillowy soft pita bread is a must in any Middle Eastern kitchen, and it comes together easily with flour, yeast, sugar, and olive oil. You won’t regret giving this simple recipe a try!
  • Flatbread – If making pita sounds a bit too intimidating, start with a general flatbread recipe. Or if you want to skip the yeast together, consider whipping up a batch of this 2-ingredient yogurt flatbread.
  • Pita Chips – Take your pita chips to the next level by crisping them up to golden perfection in the oven. It has just the right texture and flavor for all those authentic Lebanese dips.
  • Tahini Sauce – This authentic Lebanese tahini sauce is made with only 3 ingredients and no special equipment. Use as a dip, spread, or even a dressing for all your favorite Lebanese dishes with rice, meats, and veggies!
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Lebanese Appetizers

  • Mezze Platter – A simple board of easy Lebanese recipes, including hummus, tabbouleh, labneh, olives, raw vegetables, pita bread, and other Mediterranean-style eats. 
  • Baba Ghanoush – This Lebanese-inspired dip is a tasty alternative to hummus. It’s a smokey, creamy eggplant dip made with just four simple ingredients and is served with pita bread and fresh veggies.
  • Meat Pies – Lebanese dishes with meat are so flavorful and this one is no exception. Baked and filled with spiced meat, these meat pies are great to serve as an appetizer, with yogurt for dipping.
  • Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves – Perfect for an appetizer, this is a classic Mediterranean stuffed grape leaf recipe with short grain rice, parsley, tomatoes, and onions.
  • Rakakat Cheese Rolls – This is an irresistible cheesy appetizer in a crunchy roll that’s easy to make and has only a few ingredients. Perfectly crunchy, made with simple ingredients, and oh-so-delicious!
  • Fatayer Spinach Pie – A simple homemade dough with a zingy spinach filling that will fill your house with the best Middle Eastern fragrance.
  • Zaatar Spring Rolls – An oven-baked Lebanese inspired appetizer filled with cheese and mint wrapped in a crispy wonton wrapper. Dip them in labneh sauce for a delicious bite.
  • Halloumi Fries – A must-make from your collection of easy Lebanese recipes. Dip these fried cheese sticks in a zesty marinara and serve as finger food or as a Lebanese-inspired appetizer.
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Lebanese Dishes with Rice and Grains

  • Mujadara – This is a vegan Lebanese dish made with caramelized onions, lentils, and rice. This makes for a wholesome entree or could be served with cooked vegetables or a salad. After one bite, you’ll agree that this is one of the best Lebanese vegetarian recipes.
  • Ground Beef and Rice – When it comes to easy Lebanese dishes with rice, nothing beats a classic beef dish. This one is made with chickpeas, onion, and beef, and is full of flavor. It’s a quick, easy-to-make one-pot meal the whole family will love!
  • Sayadieh – This is one of the authentic Lebanese recipes I grew up eating. Pan-fried fish is served over fluffy rice and topped with toasted nuts for this authentic Sayadieh, or “fish and rice” recipe.
  • Lebanese Rice – Some of the best Lebanese dishes with rice are also the most simplest in form. This staple Middle Eastern (Arabic) side dish is made with only three ingredients: rice, vermicelli noodles, and olive oil! 
  • Bulgur Pilaf – Hearty, healthy, and delicious, this is one of those easy Lebanese recipes you need to have in your back pocket for when you need a quick side dish.
  • Mujadara Hamra – Perfect for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike, this hearty dish tops all the Lebanese vegetarian recipes. Caramelized onions, lentils, bulgur, and warm spices make this one nutritious and comforting dish!
  • Stuffed Eggplant – This authentic eggplant recipe is a family favorite Lebanese dish made with spiced beef & rice stuffing and cooked in a garlicky tomato broth!
  • Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – A mixture of rice, ground beef, and spices are stuffed inside cabbage leaves cooked in a lemon garlic sauce. One of my favorite classic Lebanese dishes with rice.
  • Kousa – This popular Middle Eastern dish is one of the traditional Lebanese recipes I grew up eating. It’s a labor of love but so worth it – with every bite of tender squash filled with delicious meat and rice.
Roundup section image of collected recipes of Lebanese rice dishes.

Easy Lebanese Recipes for Soups and Stews

  • Lebanese Green Bean Stew – This one-pot meal made with chicken, tomatoes, and aromatic spices makes a wholesome dish that is traditionally served over rice. Add this to your list of Lebanese chicken recipes today!
  • Chicken Bean Stew – Made with simple ingredients, this chicken and tomato stew requires minimal prep and is perfect for a family weeknight meal. It’s one of my favorite easy Lebanese recipes and will be yours, too!
  • Crushed Lentil Soup – Make this authentic vegan Lebanese Soup with simple pantry ingredients in 30 minutes. It’s hearty, filling, and a family favorite.
  • Peas and Carrots Stew – Add this one to your list of easy Lebanese recipes! It’s a hearty and nutritious stew that’s chock full of peas, carrots, and chunks of beef that is utterly comforting.
  • Moghrabieh – One of the best traditional Lebanese recipes and a firm family favorite! High in protein and wonderfully spiced, your whole family will love this stew.
  • Kafta and Potato Stew – This potato stew made with seasoned meatballs are cooked in a rich tomato sauce for a healthy and delicious meal the whole family will love.
  • Freekeh Chicken Soup – Lebanese chicken recipes offer simplicity and deliciousness in one bowl and this one is no different. The warm broth has a bright tomato base, hearty freekeh, fresh onions, and parsley that combine to make this soup irresistible.
  • Okra Stew – This hearty Lebanese recipe promises robust flavors of stewed tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, and sauteed onions. Serve over Lebanese rice for a satisfying meal.
  • Lebanese Spinach Stew – This is one of my favorite traditional Lebanese recipes I grew up with. It’s hearty, nutritious, wholesome, and made with simple ingredients that are perfect for feeding a crowd!

Lebanese Chicken Recipes

  • Molokhia – Tender chicken cooked with jews mallow in a lemony broth and served over Lebanese rice is comforting and unique. It’s one of those authentic Lebanese recipes that you can make to impress your friends!
  • Lebanese Chicken Fatteh – An irresistible combo of flavors made with yogurt, spiced shredded chicken, chickpeas, toasted pine nuts & pita bread!
  • Grilled Chicken Kabobs – When it comes to Lebanese chicken recipes, nothing is as classic as skewered chicken. This easy chicken recipe is marinated with bright Mediterranean spices for the best flavor and cooked on a skewer with fresh veggies.
  • Lebanese Freekeh with Chicken – Another popular Lebanese recipe that is a perfect family meal is made with freekeh, chicken, and served with toasted nuts & herbs.
  • Chicken Shawarma – Make this oven-roasted Chicken Shawarma easily and quickly at home with my easy and authentic marinade recipe – it’s perfectly spiced, tender, and so flavorful.
  • Shish Tawook – One of the most popular authentic Lebanese recipes is this dish made with juicy yogurt marinated chicken and cooked on skewers on the grill. Mouthwatering and so simple to make!
  • Hummus Crusted Chicken – This chicken recipe is great for an easy weeknight meal and is infused with Lebanese flavors. It’s one of those go-to Lebanese dishes with meat that’ll make the whole family happy.
  • Za’atar Chicken – Perfectly seasoned and irresistibly delicious, chicken things are packed with Middle Eastern flavor that is oh-so-delicious! Add this to your repertoire of irresistible Lebanese chicken recipes today!
  • Chicken Shawarma Salad – This is a great way to use up chicken shawarma leftovers! Build a salad with warm spices, lettuce, chicken, and tahini dressing.
Roundup section image of collected Lebanese chicken recipes.

Lebanese Dishes with Meat

  • Beef Kafta – A classic blend of Middle Eastern spices mixed with ground beef shaped into logs that are perfect for grilling or on the stove.
  • Grilled Lamb Kabobs – Enjoy these juicy and tender lamb kabobs that are marinated in Mediterranean flavor and skewered with onions, and then grilled to perfection.
  • Hummus with Ground Beef – Lebanese dishes with meat can be flavorful and simple to make! This popular Middle Eastern meal is made with your creamy hummus, beef, and pine nuts, and it’s oh-so-good!
  • Eggplant Moussaka – A delicious, quick, and easy dinner made with layers of eggplant and spiced ground beef and topped with a velvety bechamel sauce.
  • Hashweh – Traditional Hashweh is made with simple ingredients with classic Lebanese spices. You can serve it on your own or add it to an entree recipe.
  • Arayes – Quick and easy to make, these Lebanese meat-stuffed pitas are one delicious recipe that’s ready to enjoy in minutes, and every bite is truly tasty! It’s one of those deceiving Lebanese dishes with meat that are actually quite easy to make!
  • Lebanese Potato Souffle – The ultimate comfort food made with whipped mashed potatoes, spiced beef filling, and crispy breadcrumbs on top. A must-make that is oh-so-delicious!
  • Kibbeh in Yogurt Sauce – If you’re looking for traditional Lebanese recipes with that wow factor – this one is it! This is an authentic family Lebanese recipe that is comforting and has layers of flavor made with stuffed beef in a creamy yogurt sauce.
  • Baked Kibbeh – A quintessential Lebanese recipe that is popular throughout the Middle East – made with beef, cracked wheat, onion, and spices, then baked to delicious perfection.
  • Shish Barak – Add this comfort food to your list of authentic Lebanese recipes. Lebanese dumplings simmered in creamy mint yogurt sauce for a dish that is oh-so-good!
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Lebanese Vegetarian Recipes

  • Bulgur Chickpea Salad – Full of classic Lebanese flavors, this no-cook chickpea salad is hearty and made with fluffy bulgur, tomatoes, and cucumbers.
  • Quinoa Tabbouleh – A re-make of a classic Lebanese salad. Bulgur is swapped with nutrient-dense quinoa. It’s light, lemony, healthy, and will quickly become one of your favorite Lebanese vegetarian recipes.
  • Lebanese Ful Medames – Traditional and popular Middle Eastern breakfast recipe that’s made with cooked fava beans and cumin, then topped with a garlicky, lemon olive oil sauce!
  • Batata Harra – These potatoes pack in some heat and are full of flavor that is super easy to make and uses common spices. It’s one of those easy Lebanese recipes that you’ll be going back to on repeat.
  • Crispy Falafel – Made with chickpeas, herbs, onion & spices, this popular Lebanese recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and protein-rich. Try it stuffed in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and falafel sauce.
  • Kale Tabbouleh Salad – A modern twist on the traditional Middle Eastern recipe, using kale instead of parsley along with tomatoes, bulgur, mint, lemon, and olive oil.
  • Air Fryer Falafel – Crispy and perfectly golden brown, you can skip the hassle of deep frying and enjoy this better-for-you iconic street food made in your air fryer.
  • Lebanese Cabbage Recipe – This salad is one of my favorite Lebanese vegetarian recipes because it’s quick to make and is so vibrant and fresh. It’s a perfect side to pair with your favorite Lebanese dishes with meat.
Roundup section image of collected vegetarian Lebanese recipes.

Lebanese Desserts

  • Namoura (Semolina Cake) – Whether you call it Namoura, Basbousa, or just Semolina cake, this recipe will delight you. Made with semolina flour and almonds, soaked in simple syrup.
  • Homemade Lebanese Kanafa – a simplified version of the Middle Eastern dessert made with layered shredded dough and mozzarella cheese soaked with syrup. The second most popular Lebanese dessert after Baklava.
  • Ghraybeh Cookies – Made with only three ingredients for the base, Ghraybeh is a popular Middle Eastern shortbread cookie with a smooth and buttery texture, and delicate, sweet flavor.
  • Lebanese Rice Pudding – You don’t really think Lebanese dishes with rice to be sweet but this one takes the cake. It strikes the perfect balance of sweet and nutty flavors with rose water, and pistachios!!
  • Sfouf – A Middle Eastern semolina turmeric cake, made with simple ingredients, no eggs, and no butter. It’s vegan-friendly, light, and delightful.
  • Atayef – Though a labor of love, the effort is totally worth it with this mouthwatering Lebanese dessert. Pancake-like batter is filled with cheese and baked to golden perfection.
  • Lebanese Fruit Cocktail – This is a refreshing medley of juicy fruits in a sweet strawberry puree, topped with creamy ashta and a nutty crunch.
  • Ashta – This is a popular Lebanese dessert topping made with milk, orange blossom water, flour and sugar. It’s a delicious Middle Eastern addition to other traditional Lebanese recipes.
  • Semolina Pudding – Also called Layali Lubnan in Lebanese, is a deliciously creamy and fragrant dessert with a crunchy pistachio topping.
  • Pistachio Baklava – Add this to your collection of authentic Lebanese recipes. It has a perfect blend of salty, crunchy, sweet yet buttery texture and baked to golden brown perfection.
  • Maamoul – These delicious cookies are found in many Middle Eastern cuisines, including Lebanon, and they are known for their crispy and buttery texture and sweet filling made with nuts or dates.
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Other Authentic Lebanese Recipes

  • Creamy Yogurt Pasta – This yogurt sauce is like alfredo and is known as Lebanese spaghetti. Simple to make and so creamy and flavorful. Serve with chicken or beef for a complete meal.
  • Grilled Halloumi – Quick and easy to prep and grill, this cheese has a wonderful creamy texture with just the right amount of saltiness.
  • Zaatar Manakeesh – Mediterranean flatbread that’s made with a simple dough and zaatar spice is an easy recipe to make from scratch using very few ingredients!
  • Ejjeh – This Lebanese omelette is made with lots of fresh herbs and seasonings, offering a flavorful twist to your breakfast routine. It’s a must-try among easy Lebanese recipes.
  • Roasted Garlic Hummus – Looking for hummus with a little more robust flavor? You’ll love this garlicky-one or try beet hummus, white bean hummus, or red pepper hummus.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular Lebanese recipe?

Hummus is hands down the most well-known and loved recipe that originated in Lebanon. A well-regarded street food in Lebanese cuisine is shawarma and it’s one of the most popular Lebanese chicken recipes.

Is Lebanese food healthy?

Yes! Mostly known to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, utilizing fresh produce, whole grains, and legumes. You’ll also learn that many traditional Lebanese recipes use healthy spices and fresh herbs as well. This style of cooking is usually low in fat as they cook primarily with healthy olive oil versus butter and yogurt instead of cream.

Is Lebanese food spicy?

Mostly, no. But authentic Lebanese recipes are full of flavor with aromatic herbs and spices such as cumin, cinnamon, mint, and garlic, to name a few. Also, za’atar is often used and is a traditional spice blend composed of roasted thyme, oregano, and sumac (a tart, lemony vinegar-flavored spice blend).

Be adventurous and dive head into the best aromatic and full-bodied flavors of Lebanese cuisine. You’ll learn how to cook with diverse flavors and traditional cooking techniques that are modernized for the average home cook. These authentic Lebanese recipes will appeal to your senses and bring together the family to enjoy a wonderous world of healthy recipes.

Full List of Recipes

Check out the picture cards for all the recipes listed above. You can click on any of the recipe cards to take you directly to those recipes.

Final plated dish showing hummus with olive oil and garnished with paprika and parsley and an thin torn pita dipping into it.

Best Hummus Recipe

This is the best hummus recipe based on the authentic Lebanese methods. Hummus is a healthy snack that’s made with a few ingredients and perfect for parties
20 minutes
5 from 1260 votes
Kibbeh balls after fried on a white plate

Kibbeh Balls

These traditional fried Lebanese kibbeh balls are a delicious appetizer made with bulgur wheat and seasoned ground beef and onions filling!
50 minutes
5 from 166 votes
Chicken kafta on a plate with rice and salad along with garlic sauce on the side
Main Course

Chicken Kafta

Traditional Lebanese Chicken Kafta is so quick and easy to make with simple ingredients. Serve alongside rice, salad or in a pita with some garlic sauce!
15 minutes
5 from 146 votes
Final stuffed grape leaves lined up on a long plate
Main Course

Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves (Warak Enab)

These Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves (Warak Enab) are made with a spiced ground beef and rice mixture – a delicious Mediterranean dish commonly served as an appetizer!
2 hours 30 minutes
5 from 1450 votes
Appetizer, Salad

Lebanese Tabbouleh Salad

This traditional Lebanese Tabbouleh Salad recipe is a healthy vegan Mediterranean appetizer made with bulgur, parsley, mint and chopped vegetables.
40 minutes
5 from 3083 votes

Lebanese Fattoush Salad

This authentic Lebanese Fattoush Salad is made with well-seasoned fried pita bread, seasonal vegetables and tossed in a zesty sumac Mediterranean dressing
15 minutes
5 from 1884 votes
Lebanese kanafa cut into squares on a round dish

Lebanese Homemade Knafeh

This Homemade Lebanese Knafeh is a simplified version of the Middle Eastern dessert made with layered shredded dough and mozzarella cheese soaked with syrup
40 minutes
5 from 252 votes
Side angle shot of sliced pieces of baklawa on a plate

Lebanese Baklava

Make homemade baklava in a fraction of the time with this deliciously easy method! Filled with walnuts and finished with an orange blossom simple syrup.
1 hour 5 minutes
5 from 546 votes
Homemade Za'atar seasoning in a spice jar with a spoonful of spice next to it.
Spices, Tutorial

How to Make Za’atar

Spice up your cooking with homemade za'atar! Learn how to make this tasty Middle Eastern seasoning with a few ingredients and simple steps.
5 minutes
5 from 4 votes
Lebanese 7 Spice in glass spice jar with some of the spice spilled

How to Make 7 Spice

This tutorial shows how to make Lebanese 7 Spice with basic pantry spices; use it in many Middle Eastern recipes for more authentic flavoring
5 minutes
5 from 836 votes
Appetizer, Condiments, Dips

Homemade Labneh

This homemade labneh is the perfect addition to a mezze board. It's a tangy Mediterranean yogurt cheese made with only two simple ingredients!
2 days 5 minutes
5 from 85 votes

Lebanese Garlic Sauce (Toum)

This Garlic Sauce (Toum) is a popular condiment in Lebanese restaurants served often with chicken; made with only 4 ingredients: garlic, oil, lemon and salt
30 minutes
5 from 7610 votes
Bowl of pickled turnips removed from mason jar
Condiments, Side Dish

Pickled Turnips

These pink pickled turnips are a Lebanese staple! If you're a fan of Middle Eastern food & acidic accompaniments you need pickled turnips in your fridge!
5 days 10 minutes
5 from 239 votes
stack of freshly baked homemade pita bread on white square plate

Homemade Pita Bread

Learn how to make the best pita bread from scratch and enjoy homemade pita anytime you'd like! It's soft and only requires 6 ingredients!
2 hours 15 minutes
5 from 213 votes
Stack of homemade flatbreads

How to Make Flatbread

Learn how to make flatbread dough with this easy skillet recipe. The step-by-step tutorial walks you through making homemade yeast flatbread from scratch!
1 hour 10 minutes
5 from 155 votes
Platter of pita chips with labneh
Appetizer, Snack

Homemade Pita Chips

All you need is 3 ingredients to make my homemade pita chips recipe – perfectly baked in the oven and seasoned wonderfully – you won't miss the bagged kind!
20 minutes
5 from 46 votes
Condiments, Sauces

Lebanese Tahini Sauce

This is an authentic Lebanese Tahini Sauce recipe you can make with only three ingredients and no special equipment – includes step-by-step tutorial & video!
5 minutes
5 from 388 votes
Hand dipping a pita chip into a bowl of hummus from a mezze platter spread with varies dips and vegetables.

Mezze Platter

Enjoy the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean with a mezze platter! A colorful spread of delicious cold dips, veggies, cheese, and more.
30 minutes
5 from 9 votes
Bowl of baba ghanoush garnished with chopped parsley and olive oil on a platter with pita chips.

Lebanese Baba Ghanoush

This Lebanese inspired Baba Ghanoush is made with only 4 ingredients: oven-roasted eggplant, lemon juice, tahini & garlic – a great alternative to hummus!
1 hour 5 minutes
5 from 597 votes
Sfeehas or Lebanese meat pies on a serving dish

Lebanese Meat Pies

These Lebanese meat pies (sfeehas) are a delicious Middle Eastern appetizer. Made with a crispy dough and filled with a spiced meat filling.
2 hours 30 minutes
5 from 199 votes
Large plate of rolled vegetarian stuffed grape leaves

Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves

These Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves are a Mediterranean classic recipe made with short grain rice, parsley, tomatoes and onions – my favorite appetizer!
3 hours 30 minutes
5 from 308 votes
Tray of crispy cheese rolls baked in the oven

Crispy Cheese Rolls

Crispy cheese rolls (Rakakat) is the perfect crunchy, ooey-gooey appetizer to make with just a few ingredients. This Lebanese recipe is perfect for Ramadan!
40 minutes
5 from 66 votes
Large platter of spinach pies with small bowl of yogurt for dipping

Lebanese Spinach Pies

This authentic Lebanese Spinach Pies recipe (called fatayer) is made with a simple homemade dough recipe and the best zingy spinach filling!
2 hours 50 minutes
5 from 419 votes
zaatar spring rolls on a plate

Zaatar Spring Rolls

This zaatar spring rolls recipe is a Lebanese inspired oven-baked appetizer that’s savory, crunchy & incredibly easy to make with wonton/egg wrappers
30 minutes
5 from 120 votes
Plate of halloumi fries served with marina sauce

Halloumi Fries

These halloumi fries are Middle Eastern style mozzarella sticks made with only 4 ingredients – flour, eggs, panko and non-melting halloumi!
30 minutes
5 from 804 votes
Mujadara topped with crispy onions on a large platter.

Lebanese Mujadara

Mujadara is a Middle Eastern lentils and rice recipe with crispy caramelized onions. Just 3 ingredients make a easy vegan, protein-rich meal!
45 minutes
5 from 1923 votes
Mediterranean ground beef and rice with chickpeas in a bowl

Mediterranean Ground Beef & Rice

This Mediterranean Ground Beef and Rice dish is made with chickpeas and full of flavor. It's a quick, easy-to-make one pot meal the whole family will love!
30 minutes
5 from 324 votes
Sayadiah on a platter with rice.


This authentic Sayadieh recipe is also known as Lebanese Rice and Fish – made with perfectly seasoned fluffy rice & pan fried fish, topped with toasted nuts.
40 minutes
5 from 353 votes
Plate served of Lebanese Rice topped with pine nuts, almonds and parsley
Side Dish

Lebanese Rice

This Lebanese Rice is a staple Middle Eastern (Arabic) side dish in my home that I make with only three ingredients: rice, vermicelli noodles and olive oil! 
15 minutes
5 from 950 votes
Mediterranean style bulgur pilaf in white bowls
Side Dish

Bulgur Pilaf

This Lebanese style Bulgur Pilaf recipe is hearty, healthy and delicious; it is full of fiber and infinitely customizable. Easy recipe for bulgur wheat.
20 minutes
5 from 854 votes
Mujadara hamra in a large shallow serving platter with a serving spoon garnished with fresh mint leaves and a small bowl or radishes cut in half nearby.
Main Course

Mujadara Hamra

Lebanese Mujadara Hamra – a nutritious and comforting Middle Eastern dish featuring lentils, bulgur wheat, caramelized onions, and cumin.
1 hour 30 minutes
5 from 10 votes
Final cooked stuffed eggplant cut in half to show the rice and beef stuffing
Entree, Main Course

Stuffed Eggplant

This authentic Stuffed Eggplant recipe is a my family's popular Lebanese dish made with a spiced beef & rice stuffing and cooked in a garlicky tomato broth!
2 hours
5 from 70 votes
Plate of stuffed cabbage rolls - lebanese style served with tomato slices
Entree, Main Course

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Try this authentic Lebanese styled Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – also known as Malfouf – with step-by-step easy instructions to cook the recipe!
2 hours 15 minutes
5 from 194 votes
overhead shot of kousa on a dish

Kousa (Stuffed Squash)

This authentic Kousa recipe is a popular Middle Eastern dish made with a spiced beef & rice mixture stuffed in squash and cooked in a garlicky tomato broth!
1 hour 30 minutes
5 from 502 votes
bowl of green bean stew served over Lebanese rice with lemon wedge
Entree, Main Course, Main Dish

Lebanese Green Bean Stew

This Lebanese green bean stew is a one-pot meal made with chicken, tomatoes, and aromatic spices. It's a full-bodied meal! Serve over rice or on its own.
40 minutes
5 from 64 votes
Main Course

Lebanese Bean Stew

This one pot Lebanese bean stew is so easy to make and loaded with flavor. This weeknight meal is perfect for freezer dinners and is made with fresh and tasty ingredients.
40 minutes
5 from 50 votes
Pot of crushed lentil soup garnished with fresh parsley with lemon wedges nearby.

Lebanese Crushed Lentil Soup

Learn how to make this authentic healthy Lebanese Crushed Lentil Soup in 30 minutes! Made with simple pantry ingredients, it's vegan, hearty and so filling!
45 minutes
5 from 313 votes
A bowl of peas and carrots stew garnished with lemon wedges

Lebanese Beef Stew

If you're looking for new vegetable beef stews to try, this Lebanese inspired Peas and Carrots Stew (we call them yakhneh) is hearty, nutritious and utterly comforting.
40 minutes
5 from 80 votes
Chicken moghrabieh in a large bowl with chickpeas on top
Main Course


Moghrabieh is a traditional Lebanese stew and is a firm family favorite. High in protein, this hearty, healthy stew is wonderfully spiced and full of flavor
1 hour 15 minutes
5 from 102 votes
kafta and potato stew served in a bowl with rice
Main Course

Kafta and Potato Stew

This traditional Lebanese kafta and potato stew is a hearty meal that the whole family will love! Seasoned patties/meatballs are cooked in a rich tomato sauce for a healthy and delicious meal.
55 minutes
5 from 167 votes
overhead shot of Freekeh soup
Dinner, Main Dish, Soup

Freekeh Soup

Cracked freekeh soup with an aromatic warm broth loaded with shredded chicken, onions, and spices. This Lebanese soup recipe is even better the next day!
1 hour 40 minutes
5 from 57 votes
Two bowls of okra stew topped with fresh cilantro
Main Course

Okra Stew

This Okra Stew is a hearty Lebanese style recipe with robust flavors of stewed tomatoes, cilantro, garlic and sauteed onions – the whole family will enjoy!
40 minutes
5 from 246 votes
Lebanese Spinach Stew (Sabanekh wu riz) served with pine nuts and lemon slices

Lebanese Spinach Stew

Try this authentic Lebanese style Spinach stew made with simple ingredients; it's wholesome, well-balanced and perfect to feed a large family
27 minutes
5 from 274 votes
Large bowl of molokhia topped with shredded chicken, tomatoes and lemon slices and served over rice
Entree, Main Course

Molokhia (Mloukhieh)

This is an authentic Lebanese recipe for how to make Molokhia – which is a jews mallow (jute leaves) hearty healthy stew served over rice!
1 hour 45 minutes
5 from 439 votes
Large serving platter of chicken fatteh topped with pita, pine nuts and parsley

Lebanese Chicken Fatteh

This authentic Lebanese Chicken Fatteh is an amazing combo of flavors made with yogurt, spiced shredded chicken, chickpeas, toasted pine nuts & pita bread!
25 minutes
5 from 236 votes
Grilled Chicken Kabobs on a white long platter served over Lebanese rice
Main Course

Grilled Chicken Kabobs

These Grilled Chicken Shish Kabobs are flavorful & easy to make! The chicken is marinated with bright Mediterranean spices on a skewer with fresh veggies.
1 hour
5 from 692 votes
Freekeh with chicken served with toasted nuts and herbs
Main Course

Freekeh with Chicken

Freekeh with chicken is a delicious and well-balanced meal made with the ancient grain and served with toasted nuts & herbs. It's a popular Lebanese recipe!
50 minutes
5 from 200 votes
Chicken shawarma.
Main Course

Chicken Shawarma

Make this oven-roasted Chicken Shawarma easily and quickly at home with my easy and authentic marinade recipe – it's perfectly spiced, tender & so flavorful
25 minutes
5 from 958 votes
Shish tawook recipe on a platter with garlic sauce
Main Course

Shish Tawook

Try this Authentic Shish Tawook recipe – a popular Lebanese grilled chicken skewers recipe. It's tender juicy chicken marinated in yogurt, lemon and garlic.
28 minutes
5 from 2273 votes
Hummus crusted chicken being cut with a fork
Main Course

Hummus Crusted chicken

This easy to prep hummus crusted chicken is great for an easy weeknight meal. Get perfectly juicy every single time!
20 minutes
5 from 25 votes
Roasted Zaatar chicken arranged on an oval platter with seasoned skin, garnished with red onion slices, lemon wedges, and fresh parsley.
Dinner, Entree, Main Dish

Roasted Za’atar Chicken

Get ready for a flavor explosion with juicy Za'atar roasted chicken drumsticks and thighs! Perfectly seasoned and irresistibly delicious.
50 minutes
5 from 28 votes
Two large bowls of chicken shawarma salad with tahini sauce drizzled on top and served on the side
Main Course

Chicken Shawarma Salad

This Chicken Shawarma Salad bowl is an authentic Lebanese shawarma recipe made with a warm spice blend & served over salad with tahini dressing!
40 minutes
5 from 175 votes
Lebanese style beef kafta served over rice
Main Course

Beef Kafta

This is a Lebanese style Beef Kafta recipe that's made with ground beef, parsley, onions and a blend of Middle Eastern spices- perfect on the grill or stove
30 minutes
5 from 1606 votes
Grilled lamb kabobs served with tzatziki sauce
Main Course

Grilled Lamb Kabobs

These Grilled Lamb Kabobs are a must for summer grilling. Lamb chunks are tossed in a Mediterranean marinade so they're tasty, tender & juicy!
4 hours 25 minutes
5 from 45 votes
Blue plate with hummus, ground beef, pine nuts, parsley and tomatoes, with side of fried pita chips

Hummus with Ground Beef

This Hummus with Ground Beef recipe is a simple, authentic and popular Middle Eastern meal – easy to make with your favorite hummus, beef and pine nuts!
20 minutes
5 from 163 votes
Baked eggplant moussaka with a serving removed on a plate nearby and a spatula lifting up another serving.

Eggplant Moussaka

This Easy Eggplant Moussaka recipe is a quick version of the Greek dish made with layers of eggplant and spiced ground beef and topped with a bechamel sauce
2 hours 10 minutes
5 from 128 votes
Lebanese hashweh with spoon scooping out serving
Appetizer, Main Course


Quick and easy to make this traditional Lebanese Hashweh is made with simple ingredients and is wonderfully spiced and flavorful. Perfect on it's own with pita or a great stuffing for lots of mains.
25 minutes
5 from 103 votes
Lebanese meat stuffed pita triangles served on a white platter with a small bowl of yogurt and parsley for garnish
Appetizer, Main Course


Quick and easy to make, these Lebanese meat stuffed pitas are one delicious recipe! These beef arayes are ready to enjoy in minutes and every bite is truly tasty!
15 minutes
5 from 264 votes
A serving of potato souffle on a small plate to show a top and bottom layer and spiced beef layer in the middle. Baking dish nearby.

Lebanese Potato Souffle

Lebanese Potato Souffle is the ultimate comfort food with whipped mashed potatoes, spiced beef filling, and crispy breadcrumbs on top!
1 hour 35 minutes
5 from 31 votes
Kibbeh bi labanieh - traditional Middle Eastern dish in a large bowl of yogurt sauce

Kibbeh in Yogurt Sauce

Kibbeh in yogurt sauce is a comforting & popular Middle Eastern recipe. This is an authentic Lebanese recipe from my mom that's easy to follow
2 hours
5 from 93 votes
Baked kibbeh (also called kibbeh bil sanieh) topped with pine nuts
Main Course, Main Dish

Baked Kibbeh

Baked Kibbeh is a quintessential Lebanese recipe that is popular throughout the Middle East – made with beef, cracked wheat, onion and spices
1 hour 30 minutes
5 from 342 votes
Spoon lifting up a dumpling from a bowl of Shish Barak that is cut open to show beef and nut mixture inside.

Shish Barak

This authentic Lebanese Shish Barak is a delicious Middle Eastern comfort food of homemade spiced meat dumplings in creamy yogurt sauce.
1 hour 40 minutes
4.9 from 26 votes
Large bowl of bulgur salad with salt and pepper in pinch bowl to it
Salad, Side Dish

Bulgur Chickpea Salad

This vegan bulgur chickpea salad is full of flavors from the Mediterranean. Simple to make and no cooking required, it's hearty, healthy and filling.
20 minutes
5 from 37 votes
Quinoa tabbouleh salad.

Quinoa Tabbouleh

This Quinoa Tabbouleh recipe is a re-make of a classic Lebanese salad, but swaps out the bulgur for nutrient-dense quinoa. It's light, lemony, and refreshing!
22 minutes
5 from 128 votes
Pita dipping into ful medames bowl surrounded by vegetables

Ful Medames

Ful Medames is a popular Middle Eastern breakfast recipe that's made with cooked fava beans and cumin, then topped with a garlicky, lemon olive oil sauce!
30 minutes
5 from 593 votes
Lebanese Spicy Potatoes, also know as Batata Harra served with fresh cilantro and lemon wedges
Side Dish

Lebanese Spicy Potatoes (Batata Harra)

Batata Harra is a Lebanese spicy potatoes side dish that's full of flavor. Easy to make and perfect to serve as part of a mezze or with grilled meat dishes!
45 minutes
5 from 431 votes
Homemade fried falafel on a plate with a small dish of tahini sauce.

Crispy Falafel

This authentic crispy falafel recipe is a popular Middle Eastern dish made with chickpeas, herbs, onion & spices – vegan, gluten-free, protein-rich
30 minutes
5 from 336 votes
Large bowl of kale tabbouleh salad with serving spoons on the inside of the bowl

Kale Tabbouleh Salad

Kale Tabbouleh Salad is a modern twist on the traditional Middle Eastern recipe, using kale instead of parsley along with tomatoes, bulgur, mint, lemon and olive oil
20 minutes
5 from 47 votes
Plate full of air fried falafels with a small dish of tahini sauce and garnished with fresh herbs.

Air Fryer Falafel

Enjoy crispy, golden-brown Air Fryer Falafel and skip the hassle of deep frying. It’s healthier and easier than ever.
13 hours 30 minutes
4.9 from 49 votes
Large bowl of Lebanese cabbage salad with tomatoes and cilantro