Favorite Healthy Soup Recipes

Here's my 20 of my Favorite Soup recipes to warm the soul and fill you with goodness. Loaded with vibrant veggies and packed with protein!

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Banish those winter blues with a cozy, comforting and delicious soup! I’ve gathered 20 of my favorite healthy soup recipes to warm the soul and fill you with goodness. Loaded with vibrant veggies and power packed protein, there’s a soup in here for everyone.

Large bowl of vegan broccoli soup with croutons on top

Homemade soups are some of the most satisfying and nourishing foods you can slurp! There’s nothing quite like a steamy bowl of rich and vibrant soup to give you that warm and cozy feeling, especially during the winter months. From chicken soups to veggies packed bowls of lick-able loveliness , I’ve rounded up 20 of my favorite healthy soups.

Tips for making soup recipes

  1. Keep ingredients bite sized. You want your veggies and proteins to fit on the spoon for nice and convenient bites; plus it helps the ingredients cook more evenly.
  2. Simmer that pot! Simmering is your friend when it comes to soups. If you boil your soup too long, your veggies will become too mushy.
  3. Sweat your aromatics. Veggies such as onions, celery and carrots (also called mirepoix) along with garlic are the building blocks of many of my soups soup. Sauté them first before adding other ingredients and the broth to release all the flavors!
  4. Go big and double up your ingredients! Soups are so easy to make in large batches, they are also super freezer-friendly. Get a large pot or two and double or triple the recipe ingredients.
  5. Make your own stock. Whether you’re looking for chicken stock or vegetable stock, I share both recipes for easy homemade recipes you can make. They add so much flavor, and they’re cheaper than store-bought!

Best healthy soup recipes

Mediterranean white bean soup in a large white bowl

Mediterranean White Bean Soup

Try this vegan Mediterranean White Bean Soup for lunch or dinner. It's a quick gluten free soup recipe that's filled with vegetables and plant-based protein
35 minutes
5 from 496 votes

Close up view of the easy chicken noodle soup in a large bowl with lemon slices

Chicken Noodle Soup

This Easy Chicken Noodle Soup recipe is my all-time favorite winter soup, made with simple ingredients and stocked with nutrients for the cold season!
50 minutes
5 from 62 votes

Creamy vegetable soup - vegan soup recipe made with potatoes and oat milk

Creamy Vegetable Soup

This Creamy Vegetable Soup is a cozy, comforting vegan recipe that's gluten-free, easy-to-make & loaded with veggies- great for lunch or as a dinner starter
40 minutes
5 from 151 votes

Close up shot of roasted butternut squash soup with a slice of sourdough bread on the side

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

This roasted butternut squash soup is an easy, heart-warming and comforting recipe for the fall/winter. It’s smooth and creamy but is actually dairy-free!
1 hour 5 minutes
5 from 20 votes

Tomato cabbage soup in a white bowl topped with fresh cabbage

Tomato Cabbage Soup

This Tomato Cabbage Soup is vegan, easy to make and low in calories. It's a delicious, light & healthy lunch that is inspired by the detox cabbage soup diet
45 minutes
5 from 37 votes

Two bowls of lentil kale soup with a spoon inside one bowl

Lentil Kale Soup

Lentil Kale Soup is a hearty vegan recipe that is easy to throw together with green lentils, onions, celery, carrots and kale – 13 grams of protein/serving!
40 minutes
5 from 19 votes

Large bowl of mushroom soup with wild rice and spoon inside bowl

Wild Mushroom Rice Soup

Warming and hearty, this wild rice mushroom soup is simple and easy to make. Made with a medley of mushrooms, this vegan one pot meal is full of flavor.
1 hour 10 minutes
5 from 8 votes

Carrot ginger soup served with crusty bread

Carrot Ginger Soup

This vibrant and creamy vegan Carrot Ginger Soup is made with roasted carrots and coconut milk. It comes together quickly and easily and is perfectly spiced
45 minutes
5 from 21 votes

5 ingredient tomato soup with grilled cheese on the side

5 Ingredient Tomato Soup

Make a delicious tomato soup on the stovetop with just 5 ingredients! It's a soul warming recipe with minimal preparation and perfect with grilled cheese!
40 minutes
5 from 12 votes

Close up of mug bowl of vegetarian minestrone soup topped with parsley and parmesan cheese

Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

Vegetarian Minestrone Soup is based on the hearty classic Italian recipe that's loaded with beans, vegetables and pasta in a seasoned aromatic tomato broth!
45 minutes
5 from 24 votes

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