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Thanks to my Lebanese roots, I grew up eating popular Lebanese dishes like Fattoush Salad and Beef Kafta. The recipes in this collection are handed down from my family, so you can count on their quality, authenticity, and helpful tips. You’ll find all the Best Authentic Lebanese Recipes here, like Stuffed Grape Leaves and Lebanese Mujadara. For dessert, I think you’ll love my Baklava—it’s one of my family’s favorites!

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I grew up with my mom preparing Lebanese food for us seven days a week. She made it look effortless but special. When I got married, I wanted that for my family and started to learn how to cook one recipe at a time. I learned the key to the best Lebanese recipes was lots of garlic and lemon and using fresh ingredients whenever possible! I put together a free ebook with 14 of my favorite recipes from my mom. It’s full of approachable ingredients, strong flavors and modern methods for most of the recipes! As we say in Arabic, sahtain (enjoy!)

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Check out these 70 Lebanese recipes that are some of my all-time favorites. In this collection of Authentic Lebanese recipes, you’ll find recipes I’ve been sharing on Feel good Foodie since 2013 featuring breakfast, entree, snacks and dessert recipes that’s packed with Middle Eastern! From popular salads like Fattoush and Tabbouleh, to well-known grilled mains like kafta and kabobs to the best Lebanese desserts, like baklava and sfouf. Learn how to cook these classic Middle Eastern dishes with my easy tutorials and approachable methods.

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The Feel Good Foodie Cookbook is available in the US and Canada everywhere books are sold. It is also available for international shipping to other countries.

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