Ramadan Recipes for Fasting

This collection of Ramadan Recipes for Fasting is perfect for the month of Ramadan for anyone fasting in observance of the holiday. If you’re looking for suhoor recipes to eat before the day starts, find great ideas like a Date Shake and Zaatar Manakeesh. Search dozens of iftar meals for breaking your fast at sundown, from Fattoush to Kafta. And don’t forget about dessert! Try my easy Baklava for breaking your fast and Eid Al Fitr celebrations.

Iftar Recipes to Break your Fast

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90 best Recipes for Ramadan!

Stay nourished, energized and satiated with my top rated Ramadan recipes – full of classic Middle Eastern dishes perfect for suhoor or breaking your fast! They all have a simple modern take and provide great nutrition and fuel while fasting.

Suhoor Recipes

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Reader Favorite Lebanese Recipes


This Lebanese crushed lentil soup is one of my childhood favorite recipes. It’s vegan and easy to make and is the perfect comfort food. Made with a handful of ingredients, this healthy and hearty soup is perfect for breaking fast!

Finger Foods

More Iftar Ideas

My Easy Baklava method

Lebanese baklava is very special occasion dessert that we eat during the holidays, after breaking our fast for Ramadan or during big events with family. What makes this Lebanese baklava recipe unique from other types of baklava is the aromatic simple syrup flavored with rose water.

Delicious Desserts

Celebrating Ramadan

To create a beautiful table setting for Ramadan, use a colorful tablecloth, matching napkins, and decorative plates, bowls, and glasses. Add a centerpiece such as fresh flowers or a lantern, and traditional Ramadan decorations. Provide enough seating and serving dishes for Iftar meals. A beautiful table setting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for bringing family and friends together to break their fast.

Ramadan Hosting

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