My Story

I’m Yumna Jawad, the foodie behind Feel Good Foodie. I used to work in Branding and Research & Marketing for consumer packaged foods and the retail food industry. I’ve always had a passion for the food industry and clean eating. I just didn’t really know how to cook! When I got married, I lived a mile from my mom’s house and would literally eat at her house or pick up food from her after work daily. I was overwhelmed with the thought of cooking for me and my new husband after a 9-5 job. Truthfully, I was just spoiled by my mom’s great fresh meals daily and it was hard to let that go. But I enjoyed having those fresh meals so much that I wanted to do the same for my new family.

FeelGoodFoodie - Feel Good Foodie / Yumna Jawad

So I literally started learning to cook 2 weeks after I got married over the phone (there was no FaceTime in 2007 haha). I would keep my mom on the phone with me the entire time I would be boiling a pot of soup or cooking rice, just to make sure I got it right. It was good mojo I thought, haha! Eventually, I got it so right that I started venturing off into new recipes and fun ingredients. I started learning how to incorporate hemp seeds into my breakfast, and how to use cauliflower to make pizza dough and how to make pudding using only chia seeds and milk. I was totally GEEKED and started testing and sharing recipes on my Instagram page in July 2013. How cute were my initial photos??

3 years later, I had more than 2 MILLION followers who loved the recipes, the motivation and the passion. And more importantly, I had 2 amazing kids at home who enjoyed testing and tasting the recipes and the extra time they got to spend with mommy. So, I made this my full time job and that’s how this blog got started! Now, I want to continue sharing my enthusiasm for nutrition and clean eating with busy moms like myself who want healthy fun solutions for their families. After all, food should make us feel good…real good!

FeelGoodFoodie - Feel Good Foodie / Yumna Jawad

My Favorite Foods

I’m a self-proclaimed health nut, so I pretty much eat the same healthy stuff daily…overnight oats or warm oatmeal for breakfast, avocado toast with eggs or smoothie after working out, and soups and salads for lunch. If you follow my snapchat, you’ll see it doesn’t get more exciting than that…until dinner time!! Dinner time is where all the experiments and fun come into play. And that’s when I politely nudge/trick/bribe my kids into trying out fresh feel good meals! I’m raising mini foodies 🙂

I like to stay on top of food trends and switch things up by experimenting with new tastes and textures, like I did with these Quinoa Crust Cheesy Breadsticks. And also, these Sweet Potato Toast with Fried Eggs that take a breakfast staple and give it a modern healthy twist by using toasted slices of sweet potatoes instead of toasted slices of bread.

I believe in wholesome organic/natural ingredients. That’s true, even if that means 100% full-fat butter, cuz hey, it’s real and pure, and that’s what our bodies need. So I don’t worry personally too much about the calories or nutrition facts. Yet, I do include nutrition facts with all my recipes because I know it’s important to be conscious of what goes in our bodies in general. I hope you try some of my favorite foods and share them with your favorite people!

FeelGoodFoodie - Feel Good Foodie / Yumna Jawad