60+ Labor Day Recipes

These party favorite recipes are perfect for a Labor Day gathering with appetizers, mains, sides, and desserts. Choose a few from each section to build a cookout menu that's full of flavor and easy to make.

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Start planning your Labor Day festivities with this list of recipes from appetizers, desserts, mains, and sides. There are so many ideas to choose from. Whether you are celebrating with just a few or hosting a party, you are sure to find Labor Day recipes for everyone to love.

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These Labor Day cookout ideas will guarantee that your holiday feast is a mouthwatering affair. From succulent grilled mains to refreshing salads and irresistible desserts, this collection has everything you need to create a spread that will have your guest come back for seconds.

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day is a celebration of achievements in campaigning for workers’ rights. This became a federal holiday created by the labor movement that is traditionally celebrated on the first Monday in September. A three-day weekend and patriotic holiday, Labor Day honors the workers who fought for economic freedom for the working class.

tips for making A Labor Day feast

  1. Fire up the grill! – Choose a few different foods to get the most use out of the grill, including mains and sides.
  2. Plan ahead – To ensure a great time for everyone, plan your meal out ahead of time. This will give you the chance to choose recipes that will accommodate everyone. If there is a dietary restriction, you can make alterations to a portion of food you plan on cooking.
  3. Make recipes ahead of time. If you have pasta salad, desserts, prep, and marinating to do, spend the day or two beforehand preparing. You can make some recipes completely and prep for others to be ready the day of. This makes a world of difference, and you’ll be able to enjoy entertaining instead of just cooking.
  4. Suggest a Potluck. Invite your guests to bring a dish with them to your Labor Day BBQ. Choose a few recipes you’d like to make and communicate what else to bring so the entire spread doesn’t fall on you.
  5. Set up an appetizer bar. Make up a few different finger foods that guests can nibble on throughout the day, like dips, bite-size items, and a variety of fresh fruits and veggies. You can focus on socializing and grilling up the mains without a fuss about when they are ready.
  6. Include a drink table. Have a small area where you can serve just drinks with ice and cups, a cooler with canned and bottled drinks, carafes of beverages, and adult drinks nearby, too!
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how to plan a menu for A Labor Day Cookout

It’s no surprise that food is a big part of Labor Day festivities. From backyard BBQs to relaxed gatherings, you can make the most of the long weekend with sure-to-please recipes and simple tips to keep stress at bay.

  • Tally up the guest count. You’ll want to know how many people plan to attend and if they will be eating. This will help you decide how much food to make without having an abundance of leftovers.
  • Choose your recipes. Pick which recipes you want to make and how to combine the prep work. You’ll be able to utilize your time better when you prep for multiple dishes at the same time.
  • Select cooking methods. After choosing the recipes, decide how they should be cooked. Do you want to grill, cook on the stovetop, or have no-bake recipes, or a combination? Determine which methods are required for your recipes and set up a plan to execute them best.
  • Plan how food will be served. If you include a variety of hot and cold dishes, you’ll want to make sure they stay fresh and to temp. Use ice where needed and steam tables to keep hot foods hot. If food is served outside, consider also getting mesh covers to eliminate pests around the food.

Traditional Labor Day Food Ideas

  • Potato Salad. Not many cookouts go without a good potato salad! This recipe has a bright citrus dressing, fresh herbs, and onions with the best flavors of summer.
  • Grilled Burgers. Firing up the grill and cooking up burgers is the best way to celebrate. You can grill beef burgers, or switch it up and try a chicken burger. Don’t forget your vegan friends with a good chickpea burger option.
  • Fruit. It wouldn’t be Labor Day without fresh fruit served in various ways. Make a fruit salad or have a little fun with fruit kabobs with berries and melon.
  • Grilled Vegetables. If you are grilling at your holiday cookout, then vegetables are easy to add to the menu. Grill up corn, kabobs, tomatoes, and even onions.
  • Hot dogs – Kid-friendly, easy to grill, and one of the most common and traditional foods for cookouts.
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best Labor Day recipes

Planning your Labor Day festivities will be a breeze with these tips and ideas on creating a cookout menu that you and your guest will love. Below is a list of Labor Day menu ideas from appetizers, grilled mains, side dishes, and desserts.

labor day appetizers

Choose a few different Labor Day appetizer ideas to add to your menu. From finger foods to dips, you’ll have some tasty apps for guests to nibble at throughout the day.

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip – Before you know it, you’ll be scraping the bottom of the dish of this hot cheesy chicken dip. Serve carrot sticks, celery, and chips on the side.
  • Spinach and Feta Hand pies – Made with just a few simple ingredients, these delicious Greek spanakopita triangles are a fun appetizer recipe that will impress your guests.
  • Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Dip – This hummus recipe is full of flavor and can be served with veggies, pita bread, or homemade pita chips.
  • Chicken Wonton Taco Cup – These tasty bite-sized appetizers are filled with juicy taco seasoned chicken, fresh salsa, & cheese that is ready in 30 minutes.
  • Deviled Avocado Eggs – 5 simple ingredients make these healthy deviled eggs without using mayo. They’re bright, creamy, and just as tasty.
  • Mini Mac & Cheese Bites – This is such a fun and yummy recipe that is cheesy and super easy to make. Kids and adults alike will love this as an appetizer.
  • Stuffed Mushrooms – You can’t beat serving stuffed mushrooms at a party! Treat your guests to this cheesy veggie stuffed mushroom appetizer that makes perfect finger food.
  • Smoked Salmon Board – If you want a platter that will impress your guests, this beautiful array of fresh-cut vegetables, smoked salmon, and other bold flavors will do just that.
  • Greek Meatballs – Stuffed with feta, these meatballs are easy to make ahead of time and pop in the oven when ready to serve.
Roundup section image of collected appetizer recipes for Labor day.

labor day grilling ideas

A well-deserved Labor day weekend should be celebrated! Load the grill down with your favorite foods that can serve a crowd or a small gathering.

  • Juicy Grilled Steak – The king of the grill, a perfectly cooked steak is always a cookout crowd pleaser.
  • Grilled Marinated Chicken – Juicy yogurt marinated chicken, succulent and grilled to perfection, is a great way to spice up your summer grilling game.
  • Grilled Cod Filet – A favorite for white fish, this mild, delicate, and flaky fish is a healthy grilling option that has the best flavor.
  • Beef or Chicken Kabobs – Grilling kabobs are fun and easy to make. Load up the skewer with chicken or steak and fresh veggies to grill up something for everyone to eat.
  • Grilled Turkey Burgers – This is a juicy, delicious alternative to beef burgers. Serve one or both, and keep the grill going for a Labor day cookout with tons of flavor.
  • Beef Burgers – Give ’em what they love! You can’t go wrong with the classic beef burger on the grill.
  • Grilled Mahi Mahi – Served with a fresh mango avocado salsa, grilled fish is perfect for a Labor Day cookout. Serve the filets as the main dish, or as fish tacos (see recipe below).
  • Grilled Fish Tacos – These flaky white fish tacos are marinated and grilled, then stuffed in a taco shell with the best sweet and tangy coleslaw.
  • Grilled Shrimp Skewers – Bright lemony grilled shrimp must make an appearance when you are having a cookout. They’re easy to make and can be a main dish or just a snacking food for guests.
  • Shish Tawook – A Lebanese chicken recipe that is marinated in yogurt and grilled on a skewer is a tasty and EASY grilling recipe. Serve in a pita or over rice.
Roundup section image of collected grilled recipes for Labor day.

labor day side dish Recipes

Side dishes are what will round out your cookout table spread. Choose a few easy side dishes that will pair with your main recipes.

  • Cauliflower Un-Potato Salad – This faux potato salad is made with cauliflower instead of potatoes. It resembles the real thing in taste, color, and texture and is a healthy dish that is perfect for serving a crowd.
  • Halved Grilled Tomatoes – Grilled tomatoes are juicy, smoky, and a delicious add-on to any BBQ! The char from the grill elevates the tomatoes and are perfect for Summertime cooking.
  • Grilled Onions – These onions are skewered, grilled, and can be served on top of burgers or on top of pasta salad.
  • BBQ Baked Beans – This traditional side dish is so easy to make in an Instant Pot! They are rich and delicious, and no cookout should be without!
  • Strawberry Pasta Salad – A mix of strawberries, spinach, pasta, and mozzerella balls, this is a fun and bright summer salad to pair with other cookout dishes.
  • Cowboy Caviar – This dish can be used as a dip for chips or on top of tacos for a fresh, tangy, and full of flavor side dish.
  • Macaroni Salad – This vegan pasta salad recipe features a tangy, creamy dressing and crunchy vegetables. It’s a classic side dish for BBQs that is more veggie-forward and lighter than traditional macaroni salad.
  • Street Corn Salad – You will absolutely love the freshness of this Mexican corn salad recipe that combines cotija cheese, tangy dressing, spicy jalapenos, and cilantro.
  • Greek Pasta Salad – This orzo pasta salad is made with a zesty lemon vinaigrette and is tossed with feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and red onions.
Roundup section image of collected traditional recipes for cookout side dishes.


Fresh salads are an absolute must for any Labor Day menu. Whether it’s a classic green salad or a bright fruit salad, these crisp and flavorful dishes add a burst of freshness to your spread.

  • Creamy Dill Cucumber Salad – This summer salad is ready in 5 minutes and is perfect for BBQs and picnics!
  • Classic Garden Salad – A delicious mix of crisp veggies and romaine lettuce drizzled with a zesty citrus vinaigrette for a yum-filled experience.
  • Watermelon Cucumber Salad with Basil – The juicy sweetness of watermelon complements the refreshing crunch of cucumber and creamy feta for a delicious treat that goes well with any Labor Day menu.
  • Mediterranean Chopped Salad – Vibrant flavors with juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, chickpeas, feta cheese, and olives tossed in a herby, lemony vinaigrette for a major flavor explosion.
  • Tropical Fruit Salad – Every cookout needs a good fruit salad. Succulent pineapple, tangy kiwi, juicy mango, and some fresh berries tossed it a secret citrus sauce for that perfect touch.
  • Tomato Avocado Salad – Add this quick and easy tomato avocado cucumber onion salad – a perfect side for end-of-summer gatherings. The zesty lemon-dill dressing adds a refreshing twist that everyone will love.
  • Summer Peach Salad – Savor the season’s best fruit with this simple yet delicious peach salad made with baby spinach, avocado, and fresh peaches.
  • Corn Tomato Avocado Salad – Simple, fresh, and full of flavor that’s great with leftover grilled corn and seasonal tomatoes.
4 image collage of salad recipe ideas for Labor Day.

Easy LABOR DAY Recipes

While a lot of the recipes in this collection are fairly easy, these are super easy and fuss-free. These Labor Day options are excellent for last-minute get-togethers that will still deliver tasty results but in half the time. 

  • Cucumber Sushi Roll – Made using cucumber ribbons to roll the sushi up, these are fresh and filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and crunchy veggies. An easy Labor Day recipe that will really wow your guests.
  • Easy Pinwheel Sandwiches – These bite-size sandwiches are sure to be a hit among kids and adults alike. Choose from hummus and veggie, everything bagel and tomato, pesty turkey, or chicken salad pinwheel.
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad – This is a lighter take on the famous buffalo wings but it’s made with shredded chicken breast and spicy buffalo sauce, topped with crunchy cabbage, celery, and carrots.
  • Easy Chickpea Salad – Loaded with simple ingredients and a fresh dressing to bring all of it together for an easy and quick protein-packed salad.
  • Tuna Avocado Salad – Serve a lightened up version of tuna salad in an avocado half for a satisfying and delicious last-minute meal.
  • Sheet Pan Nachos – These are always a hit and such a fun way to serve nachos for a crowd. Load tortilla chips, beef, beans, and cheese with your favorite nacho toppings and enjoy a hassle-free meal.
  • Healthy Baked Cod – Whip this up easily in 15 minutes for a last-minute Labor Day deliciousness – it’s a five-star meal straight out of your oven. 
4 image collage of easy to make appetizers.

labor day desserts

Don’t skip the dessert! Ending your party with something sweet is a must. Have your guests bring dessert, or try one of these recipes.

  • Shaken Ice Cream – So easy to make, and you can mix and match flavors, so there is something for everyone.
  • Watermelon Fruit Pizza – Whipped cream cheese and ricotta icing with juicy watermelon is topped with fresh kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries; it is sure to be a hit at your next party.
  • Fresh Fruit Popsicles – Serve these healthy ice pops made from fresh fruit sweetened with honey—a great way to cool down and have a tasty treat. The kids will LOVE them.
  • Lemon Bars – Creamy, chewy, and absolutely delicious – these lemon bars are vegan and made with an oatmeal walnut crust and fresh lemons.
  • Greek Yogurt Brownies – Chocolate is always a winner for any reason. This recipe is a healthier version with yogurt and no oil.
  • Easy Apple Crisp – Serve this apple crisp warm with a scoop of ice cream to wind down towards the end of your party. The warm spices and cold cream is a cozy bowl of goodness.
  • Grilled Peaches – This simple summertime dessert is so effortless to make. Cinnamon and brown sugar grilled peaches served with ice cream, granola & fresh mint.
  • Cheesecake Cups – These are easy to put together, made lighter with Greek yogurt, and finished with fresh strawberries. No baking is required, and ready in 20 minutes.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip – This is a perfect party dip for fresh fruit and cookies. Just 5 ingredients and a few minutes to bring this delicious dessert dip together.
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other labor day food ideas

We’ve narrowed down the recipes for a welcoming cookout with appetizers, burgers, side dishes, and fresh salads, but here are a few more ideas to include in your Labor Day menu.

  • Air Fryer Hamburgers – Skip the grill this Labor Day and utilize your trusty Air Fryer for these super juicy and evenly cooked burgers. Don’t forget the coleslaw on top!
  • Raspberry Iced Tea – It’s hot, and having a refreshing beverage will certainly win over the guest. This lightly sweet, fruity tea is a great addition.
  • Fruit Ice Cubes – Naturally sweeten your water and add a pop of color and fun with this unique and delicious idea.
  • Watermelon – Summer cookouts without watermelon? Take a whole watermelon and cut it into pieces or use it in your recipes. It’s hydrating, sweet, and refreshing – a great food to have on hand for kids.
  • Ranch Dressing – Make your own salad dressing to serve with a fresh chopped salad or for dipping vegetable sticks in.
  • Baked Tofu – This is a great option for those who don’t eat meat. You can prepare it ahead of time, and it can be used on top of salads or on a bun with their toppings of choice.
  • Lebanese Fruit Cocktail Drink – A delicious blend of juicy fruits in a sweet strawberry puree, topped with creamy ashta, and a crunchy nut topping. It’s an excellent treat to enjoy during your cookout.
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HOW TO keep food warm

  • Oven: As long as you’re not cooking anything in the oven, you can set it to 200°F and store dishes in there to keep them warm.
  • Aluminum Foil: If your oven is not free, you can simply use aluminum foil, which has reflective properties that protect the food from light and oxygen. The foil reflects the thermal energy back to the food, which maintains the moisture, flavor, and texture.
  • Crock Pots and Instant Pots: Think of recipes that can be made in your crock pot or instant pot that will keep warm during the party. You can even use them to keep foods warm even if you don’t cook in them.
  • Insulated coolers: You can use a cooler to keep food hot as well as cold. The insulation technology that keeps out the heat to maintain cold foods also works to trap heat in and keep food hot for hours at a time. You can even line the cooler with aluminum foil for even better results.

HOW TO store all the leftovers

  • Use the appropriate containers for each food, such as air-tight tubs, zip-top bags, or mason jars for salad dressings.
  • Be sure that hot foods are cooled down before storing them in the refrigerator. If you put the foods in while too hot, it can bring down the temperature. Quickly cool a hot dish by placing it in an ice bath in its respective container.
  • If food has sat out too long at room temperature when it should have been either hot or cold, it’s best to toss it. Generally, this is usually after 2 hours, so it’s important to serve recipes and keep them at an optimal temperature throughout your gathering.
  • Perishable items such as meats, dairy, salads, and cut fruit should be stored in the refrigerator.

frequently asked questions

What dish can I bring to a cookout?

Always start by asking the host what they may still need. This way, you don’t bring something that is already being made. Some ideas to bring are side dishes like pasta salad or mac and cheese. An easy appetizer like a cheese board, guacamole, or another dip is also a good option. You can also suggest bringing a dessert like pie, cookies, or brownies.

Why do people cook out on Labor Day?

This holiday has become a celebratory leisurely day where Americans enjoy a long 3-day weekend. Labor Day is a traditional summer activity where grilling and spending time with friends and family are cherished parts of the festivities.

What time should I schedule my cookout?

This depends wholly on the type of gathering you want. Later afternoon, between 3-5, is a good time to ensure more guests can come but will minimize the length of the event.

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These 60 recipes will bring together the best spread for a Labor Day Cookout or gathering with friends and family. From appetizers, to recipes on the grill, and a bunch of side dishes and dessert recipes, everything you need to plan a Labor Day menu can be found here. Plus, there’s even a list of easy recipes with no grill involved!

full list of recipes

Check out the picture cards for all the recipes listed above. You can click on any of the recipe cards to take you directly to those recipes.

Healthy buffalo chicken dip served with veggies and chips

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This Buffalo Chicken Dip is the perfect game day appetizer. You'll love this cheesy, spicy chicken dip with chips, veggies, and more!
35 minutes
5 from 85 votes
Greek spanakopita recipe made into triangles on a white plate


Made with just a few simple ingredients, these delicious spinach and feta spanakopita triangles are a fun appetizer recipe to make at home.
55 minutes
5 from 501 votes
Roasted red pepper hummus on a platter served with small naan dippers
Appetizer, Dips

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

This Roasted Red Pepper Hummus recipe is an easy and healthy snack to make with a few ingredients. It's rich and creamy with the best flavor!
15 minutes
5 from 46 votes
Close up of taco cups with chicken, cheese, sour cream and green onions.

Taco Cups with Chicken and Cheese

Crispy wonton taco cups filled with juicy chicken, fresh salsa, & cheddar cheese make for an amazing appetizer or simple weeknight meal. Ready in under 30!
25 minutes
5 from 57 votes
image of avocado deviled eggs topped with diced tomatoes on white wound plate
Appetizer, Brunch

Avocado Deviled Eggs

5 Ingredient Avocado Deviled Eggs with lime and cilantro – a lightened up spin on the classic deviled egg recipe, made with avocado instead of mayo.
52 minutes
4.8 from 17 votes
Mac and cheese bites on a plate after coming out of the oven
Dinner, Entree

Mac and Cheese Bites

Mac and Cheese Bites are mini forms of the classic recipe made in mini muffin tins. They're a cheesy, simple & fun appetizer idea that kids and adults love!
45 minutes
5 from 103 votes

Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms

These Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms are perfect to serve as appetizers at your next holiday gathering. They are flavorful, cheesy crowd pleasing finger foods
25 minutes
5 from 334 votes
Smoked salmon platter with eggs, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes, crackers and more

Smoked Salmon Platter

This smoked salmon platter is the perfect appetizer! The presentation is jaw-dropping and the accompaniments are delicious! Great for holidays and potlucks!
15 minutes
5 from 20 votes
Oval platter with meatballs and side of tzatziki sauce in a small bowl. Garnished with lemon wedges and fresh mint leaves.
Appetizer, Entree

Greek Meatballs

Oven-baked all beef Greek Meatballs stuffed with feta cheese served with a homemade Tzatziki sauce! Perfect appetizer or main course!
35 minutes
5 from 237 votes
Close up of grilled steak with two slices cut from it topped with melted butter on a large white plate with grilled romaine lettuce, parmesan, and fork.
Dinner, Main Dish, Tutorial

How to Grill Steak

Learn how to grill steak perfectly on an indoor grill pan or outdoor grill with this easy to follow step-by-step tutorial that makes juicy tender grilled steak!
45 minutes
5 from 10 votes
Over head shot showing 4 grilled chicken breasts on plate garnished with lemon wedges and parsley.

Yogurt Marinated Chicken

Juicy yogurt marinated chicken! You can grill, bake or air fry this yogurt marinated chicken breast it is a great recipe to make year round!
1 hour
5 from 367 votes
Plater of 4 grilled cod filets garnished with lemon wedges and chopped parsley.
Dinner, Entree, Main Dish

Grilled Cod

Deliciously moist grilled cod with a simple seasoning ready in just 15 minutes! Plus, helpful tips for keeping your cod from sticking to the grill!
15 minutes
5 from 344 votes
overhead shot of grilled beef kabobs on metal skewers on top of yellow rice and a side of vegetables
Main Dish

Grilled Beef Kabobs

These grilled beef kabobs combine marinated sirloin, sweet bell peppers, and crisp onions for a tender, delicious "fall off the skewer" grilled steak kabob.
2 hours 18 minutes
5 from 68 votes
Grilled Chicken Kabobs on a white long platter served over Lebanese rice
Main Course

Grilled Chicken Kabobs

These Grilled Chicken Shish Kabobs are flavorful & easy to make! The chicken is marinated with bright Mediterranean spices on a skewer with fresh veggies.
1 hour
5 from 692 votes
Assembled grilled turkey burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.
Entree, Sandwich, Sandwiches

Grilled Turkey Burgers

Perfectly seasoned these grilled turkey burgers are juicy, full of flavor, and perfect for BBQs! The grill adds a smoky flavor to the turkey – yum!
15 minutes
5 from 22 votes
Homemade hamburger on a bun with toppings.
Main Course

Homemade Hamburgers

These really are the best homemade beef hamburgers! Wonderfully juicy and perfectly seasoned, they take minutes to make and are quick to grill.
35 minutes
5 from 79 votes
Cutting off mahi mahi fillet with mango avocado salsa on top
Main Course

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Avocado Salsa

Grilled mahi mahi is a quick and easy recipe that is loaded with flavor. Served with a fresh mango and avocado salsa, it's a great healthy family meal!
20 minutes
5 from 249 votes

Grilled Fish Tacos

Grilled Fish Tacos are a fresh, flavorful and fast summer recipe – they're filled with tender flaky white fish, topped with a creamy, crunchy coleslaw.
30 minutes
5 from 17 votes
Grilled shrimp skewers on a white plate with grilled lemon slices
Appetizer, Main Course

Grilled Shrimp Skewers

These grilled shrimp skewers are so quick and easy to make and wonderfully flavored with a lemon and herb marinade.
10 minutes
5 from 1216 votes
Shish tawook recipe on a platter with garlic sauce
Main Course

Shish Tawook

Try this Authentic Shish Tawook recipe – a popular Lebanese grilled chicken skewers recipe. It's tender juicy chicken marinated in yogurt, lemon and garlic.
28 minutes
5 from 2270 votes
Final cauliflower potato salad garnished with dill and paprika

Cauliflower Potato Salad

This Cauliflower Potato Salad is made with cauliflower instead of potatoes for a low-carb keto friendly summer salad – just as tasty as the original recipe!
35 minutes
5 from 224 votes
Large white rectangle plate with halved grilled tomatoes and serving fork, garnished with fresh chopped parsley.
Side, Side Dish

Grilled Tomatoes

Grilled tomatoes are a juicy, smoky, and delicious add-on to any BBQ! The char from the grill elevates the tomatoes making a great side or accompaniment!
13 minutes
5 from 23 votes
Grilled onion slices and grilled onion chunks on skewers served on a white plate with parley garnish.

Grilled Onions

Learn how to make perfectly grilled onions every time with this easy-to-follow recipe! Grilled Vidalia onions go great on burgers, and taste amazing!
22 minutes
5 from 3 votes
Large dish of instant pot baked beans garnished with parsley
Side Dish

Instant Pot Baked Beans

Quick and easy to make, these Instant Pot baked beans are rich in flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. This is one delicious veggie side dish!
1 hour 10 minutes
5 from 75 votes
Strawberry caprese salad in large bowl with serving utensils in bowl
Salad, Side Dish

Strawberry Caprese Salad

Strawberry Caprese Salad is a refreshing summer salad bursting with fresh flavors. Easy to make, this sweeter version of caprese is vibrant and fun to try!
20 minutes
5 from 6 votes
Large bowl of corn and bean salad with slices of lime and cilantro on top.
Appetizer, Salads

Cowboy Caviar

Cowboy caviar, also known as Texas caviar, is the perfect dip, salsa, or taco topper for your next get-together. Fresh and tasty, you won't be disappointed.
25 minutes
5 from 28 votes
Vegan Macaroni Salad in two bowls

Vegan Macaroni Salad

Vegan Macaroni Salad with a creamy, tangy vegan mayo dressing tossed with crunchy veggies. Add in some beans for extra protein and you're good to go!
20 minutes
5 from 28 votes
Overhead shot of Mexican Street Corn Salad in large white bowl with lime wedges and side of cotija cheese crumbles.
Side, Side Dish

Mexican Street Corn Salad

Easy Mexican street corn salad with frozen corn, cotija cheese, lime, & cilantro. This elote salad is mayo-free, big on flavor and perfect for get-togethers!
15 minutes
5 from 100 votes
Final Greek Pasta Salad recipe in a large bowl with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, olives and feta cheese

Greek Pasta Salad

Greek Pasta Salad is a light, fresh and easy summer salad full of sweet tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, olives and feta cheese all tossed in a homemade dressing!
23 minutes
5 from 34 votes
Creamy cucumber salad thumbnail image.

Creamy Cucumber Salad

Creamy cucumber salad made with fresh dill, sour cream, and onions! This summer salad is ready in 5 minutes and is perfect for BBQs and picnics!
5 minutes
5 from 741 votes
Everyday garden salad tossed with tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and shredded carrots.
Salad, Side Dish

Fresh Garden Salad

Enjoy a delicious, simple, and fresh garden salad with a light vinaigrette dressing customized with your favorite veggies.
10 minutes
5 from 31 votes
Cucumber watermelon salad in a large white serving bowl with a small glass bowl with extra chunks of watermelon.

Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Simple Watermelon Cucumber Salad tossed with feta cheese and a light balsamic vinaigrette. Topped with fresh basil for a refreshing summer fruit salad.
10 minutes
5 from 66 votes
Overhead shot of chopped salad with ingredients layered in rows over lettuce.

Mediterranean Chopped Salad

Make this Mediterranean Chopped Salad for a large crowd. It's full of veggies, chickpeas, feta cheese, and olives and tossed in a lemony herb dressing!
15 minutes
5 from 622 votes
Overhead shot of large serving bowl of fresh fruit salad with a variety of chopped fruit.

Fresh Fruit Salad

This Tropical Fruit Salad is easy to make and is packed with fresh kiwi, mangoes, pineapple, and berries. Plus, my "secret sauce" adds an interesting twist!
5 minutes
5 from 39 votes
Big white bowl of Tomato Avocado Cucumber Salad all mixed up with a spoon in the large bowl.

Tomato Cucumber Avocado Salad

This Tomato Avocado Cucumber Salad requires 4 simple ingredients and is paired with a fresh dill & lemon vinaigrette! It's the perfect avocado salad recipe!
10 minutes
5 from 46 votes
Large bowl of summer peach salad with spinach and avocado with large serving spoon inside

Peach Salad

This simple and delicious Peach Salad is loaded with texture and flavor. Quick to make with fresh ingredients, it's a tasty summertime recipe!
10 minutes
5 from 93 votes
Corn tomato avocado salad in a large white bowl with squeezed limes on the side

Corn Tomato Avocado Salad

This Corn Tomato Avocado Salad is a quintessential and easy vegan summer recipe made with fresh vegetables and tossed with lime juice, olive oil & cilantro
15 minutes
5 from 168 votes

Cucumber Sushi Rolls

These gluten-free cucumber sushi rolls are so easy to make and they are such a colorful and pretty appetizer. Filled with fresh veggies and a seasoned cream cheese.
15 minutes
5 from 159 votes
Rectangle dish with 4 different style pinwheel sandwiches, 3 of each kind, in rows.
Appetizer, Sandwich

Pinwheel Sandwiches – 4 ways

Looking for lunch ideas? These pinwheel sandwich recipes are easy to make and have some untraditional fillings that are sure to be a hit.
10 minutes
5 from 52 votes
Close up of the buffalo chicken salad in iceberg lettuce
Appetizer, Main Course

Buffalo Chicken Salad

This delicious low carb Buffalo Chicken Salad is great to serve as an appetizer or a main dish. It is quick and easy to make with leftover shredded chicken!
10 minutes
5 from 14 votes
Large bowl of chickpea salad topped with feta cheese

Chickpea Salad

This fresh and delicious vegan Chickpea Salad is quick and easy to prepare. Loaded with simple healthy ingredients and dressed in a simple lemon dressing.
10 minutes
5 from 56 votes
This recipe for Healthy Tuna Salad is a version made with greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. Stuff it in avocado or slice bread for a quick and easy lunch.

Tuna Avocado Salad

This low carb recipe for Tuna Avocado Salad is made with greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. Stuff it in avocado for a quick and easy lunch with no bread!
10 minutes
5 from 40 votes

Sheet Pan Nachos

This easy Sheet Pan Nacho recipe layers crispy tortilla chips with beef, beans, and cheese and is loaded with all your favorite nacho toppings.
25 minutes
5 from 22 votes
Sheet pan cod with green beans and cherry tomatoes
Main Course

Oven Baked Cod

Oven Baked Cod with Green Beans and Tomatoes that you can easily whip up in 15 minutes on a busy weeknight and customize with any seasonings!
20 minutes
5 from 63 votes
Top view of ice made in 4 mason jars with different toppings in each jar.

Mason Jar Ice Cream

This easy mason jar ice cream recipe uses 4 ingredients for a delicious soft serve ice cream. No ice cream maker required, and it's fun for the whole family!
2 hours 5 minutes
5 from 179 votes
Homemade Mango, Kiwi, and Strawberry popsicles on a large round platter with ice cubes and fresh cut fruit.
Dessert, Snack, Tutorial

Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Learn how to make popsicles from scratch and try these three fruit popsicle flavors: strawberry, mango and kiwi. It's an easy healthy recipe that kids will love!
4 hours 5 minutes
5 from 145 votes
Stack of three vegan lemon bars on small white dish with half lemon in background

Lemon Bars

These vegan lemon bars are creamy, chewy, and absolutely delicious – made with an oatmeal walnut crust and fresh lemons, they make the best lemon squares!
50 minutes
4.9 from 78 votes
Stack of 3 greek yogurt brownies

Greek Yogurt Brownies

Made with no oil and less butter, these Greek yogurt brownies are a tasty and healthier alternative. Simple to make and just as delicious!
40 minutes
5 from 87 votes
Apple crisp served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce and spoon inside bowl

Easy Apple Crisp

For a quick and cozy treat, try this easy Apple Crisp recipe – the perfect fall dessert made with juicy apples, cinnamon and an oat topping!
50 minutes
5 from 251 votes
3 grilled peach halves in a bowl topped with ice cream, granola and fresh mint

Grilled Peaches

This simple summertime dessert is so effortless to make. Cinnamon and brown sugar grilled peaches served with ice cream, granola & fresh mint
13 minutes
5 from 52 votes
Greek Yogurt Cheesecake in two small clear glass bowls topped with strawberries

No Bake Cheesecake Cups

These No Bake Cheesecake Cups are a lightened up recipe of the classic dessert that is light on calories and fat; easy to make and perfect for entertaining!
20 minutes
5 from 213 votes
Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip on a plate with fruit and wafers for dippings

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip

This Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip is made with only five ingredients in just 5 minutes. It's easy, healthy and great for dipping with fruits
5 minutes
5 from 60 votes
Side view of coleslaw on a burger.
Entree, Lunch, Sandwiches

Air Fryer Hamburgers

Quick, 5 minute, juicy Air Fryer Ground Beef Burgers – This air fryer burger recipe is perfect for busy weeknights and tastes amazing!
10 minutes
5 from 28 votes
Raspberry iced tea.

Raspberry Iced Tea

This Raspberry Iced Tea combines the refreshing flavor of iced tea with the sweetness and tartness of fresh raspberries for an easy summer drink!
10 minutes
5 from 98 votes
Pouring limeade into a cup with fruit cubes

Fruit Cubes

Make refreshing fruit ice cubes this summer to drink with water, lemonade or any other beverage. They are easy to make, customizable and jazz up your water!
5 minutes
5 from 35 votes
Large watermelon on cutting board with bottom part getting cut off
Ingredient, Snack


This is a simple tutorial to show my technique for cutting watermelon. Learn the easiest way to slice watermelon whether it's with rind or without the rind!
5 minutes
5 from 523 votes
Square bowl or homemade ranch dip topped with fresh chives and surrounded by fresh vegetables
Dips, Snacks


Homemade Ranch Dip made with Greek yogurt, dill and chives is perfect for dipping carrots, cucumbers or chips – healthier than store-bought!
5 minutes
5 from 111 votes
Bowl of baked tofu garnished with green onions

Baked Tofu

Learn how to make crispy baked tofu that's not mushy or bland. Grab the easy tutorial for how to press tofu, dry it properly and oven-bake!
1 hour 5 minutes
5 from 22 votes
4 glasses of fruit cocktail, staggered, garnished with ashta on top and nuts sprinkled

Lebanese Fruit Cocktail

Lebanese Fruit Cocktail combines chopped fresh fruit in a floral-infused strawberry juice and tops it with creamy ashta and chopped nuts.
20 minutes
5 from 4 votes

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