Watermelon Fruit Pizza

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Fresh and fun, Watermelon Fruit Pizza with a ricotta and cream cheese icing sweetened with honey and topped with fresh fruit! A yummy watermelon dessert!

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Looking for a fun and easy watermelon dessert? Look no further than this watermelon fruit pizza! The combination of honey-sweetened whipped cream cheese and ricotta icing with juicy watermelon is irresistible. Plus, it’s topped with fresh kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries, making it a beautiful presentation. This dessert is sure to be a hit at your next party!

Watermelon pizza on large white plate cut into 8 pieces.
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Watermelon is our favorite post-barbecue refresher! So during the summer, I find fun ways to slice it up for my kids (cubes, slices, sticks, etc.). And I throw it in all kinds of dishes like this watermelon cucumber salad and even a tropical fruit salad. One of the most creative ways I serve it during the summer is this watermelon pizza! It’s just a huge round slice of watermelon sliced like a pizza with any toppings you want!

why you’ll love this watermelon dessert pizza

  • Refreshing. Watermelon pizza is the perfect summer dessert! It’s light, refreshing, and has that watermelon flavor that we all crave on a hot day.
  • Quick and easy. This recipe is so quick and easy to make! You don’t even need to turn on the oven. Just slice up your watermelon, make the ricotta and cream cheese icing, and top with your favorite fruits.
  • Beautiful presentation. This watermelon pizza is beautiful and will impress your guests! The bright colors of the fruits against the green watermelon is just stunning.
  • Delicious toppings. I topped my watermelon pizza with kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries, but you can use any fruit you like. Some other great options are raspberries, blackberries, mango, or even pineapple chunks.
  • Fun watermelon dessert. Kids and adults will love this fun and delicious watermelon dessert! It’s the perfect way to enjoy watermelon all summer long.

Ingredients to make watermelon fruit pizza

  • Watermelon: A large seedless watermelon is best for this recipe, but you can always use a personal size or mini watermelon if that’s all you have on hand.
  • Cream cheese: I used full-fat whipped cream cheese, but you could use light or even fat-free.
  • Ricotta cheese: Whole milk ricotta is preferred, but you could use part skim if that’s all you have.
  • Honey: This is to sweeten the whipped cream cheese and ricotta icing. This is used to sweeten the icing. You could also use agave or maple syrup.
  • Fruit Topping: Kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries are my favorite toppings for this watermelon pizza, but feel free to use any fruit you like.
Ingredients for recipe: whole watermelon, strawberries, ricotta, whipped cream cheese, blueberries, whole kiwis, and honey.

How to make watermelon pizza

Making watermelon pizza is a simple, no-hassle process! In fact, I find it easier than taking the time to cut and cube a watermelon and more fun too!

Cut The Watermelon

  1. To start, get a large juicy watermelon, and cut it in half.
  2. Then cut an even round slice about 1-inch thick. Use the rest of the watermelon as you wish. You’ll only need this round slice.
2 image collage of cutting a watermelon in half on a cutting board.

Build The Watermelon Pizza

  1. To make the topping, it’s a simple mixture of ricotta cheese, whipped cream cheese, and honey.
  2. Add the mixture right on top of the round slice of watermelon.
  3. Slice the watermelon pizza into 8 equal slices.
  4. Add fresh fruit on top.
4 image collage making recipe by mixing ricotta mix in a bowl, spreading on a round slice of watermelon, cutting into slices, and then toping with strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi.

Tips for making watermelon crust pizza

  1. Check out my tips on how to cut a watermelon. You only need the middle section of the watermelon, but the tutorial will help you cut it properly and then slice the remaining halves for snacking later.
  2. Don’t add too many toppings. It can get messy if you’re loading toppings on top of each other, so keep them thinly sliced and make sure to stick to the ricotta mixture, so they don’t fall off when you pick up a slice of watermelon pizza.
  3. Add some texture. I love the addition of shredded coconut, but you could also use chopped nuts or even granola for a little crunch.
  4. Use a large, seedless watermelon. It’s easier to work with, and you don’t have to worry about seeds getting in the way.
Overhead shot of watermelon pizza with a slice being removed.

popular substitutions & additions

If you’re having a picnic, you can set out a variety of toppings and have everyone at the picnic select and customize their watermelon pizza slice. Kids love that idea!

  • Use whipped cream or yogurt. If you want an extra creamy topping, feel free to use whipped cream instead of the ricotta and cream cheese mixture. Yogurt also makes great icing!
  • Try different fruits. I love adding more fresh fruit on top, like kiwi, strawberries, and blueberries, but you can also use sliced peaches, bananas, raspberries, or mango pieces.
  • Add nuts and seeds. For a little crunch and extra nutrition, add some chopped nuts or seeds to the topping.
  • Add chocolate. Yes, chocolate and fruit is a wonderful combination. Use mini white or regular chocolate chips, or even try some cacao nibs.
Close up shot of a slice of watermelon pizza with whole pizza show behind it.

how to store watermelon pizza

Watermelon pizza is best served immediately, but if you have leftovers, store them in the fridge.

how long will watermelon pizza last in the fridge?

Watermelon pizza will last in the fridge for about 12-24 hours. After that, the watermelon will start to weep moisture, and the icing will start to slide off.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a brick of cream cheese instead of whipped cream cheese for the frosting?

Yes, you can use a brick of cream cheese, but I prefer the whipped cream cheese because it’s lighter and not as dense. You can also whip the cream cheese at home yourself to make it airier. Using a hand mixer or stand mixer, simply beat the cream cheese on high speed until it’s light and fluffy.

Can I make this fruit pizza ahead of time?

I don’t recommend making it the day before. What you can do is pre-slice your watermelon and mix your ricotta and cream cheese to assemble when ready to eat.

How do I keep my cream cheese from sliding off the watermelon?

If your cream cheese icing seems to be sliding about you can try patting the watermelon with a paper towel to absorb some of the moisture right before icing.

2 slices of watermelon pizza on white plate.

However you top it, this watermelon pizza recipe is such a refreshing snack for summer get-togethers. It helps with that sweet tooth and also quenches your thirst – making it my favorite ever summer treat!

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This Watermelon Pizza recipe was originally published on August 25, 2018. The recipe has not been modified but the post now includes new step-by-step photos for how to make the watermelon pizza.

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Watermelon Fruit Pizza

Fresh and fun, Watermelon Fruit Pizza with a ricotta and cream cheese icing sweetened with honey and topped with fresh fruit! A yummy watermelon dessert!
5 from 72 votes
Servings 2 servings
Course Dessert
Calories 286
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
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  • 1 large round watermelon slice about 1 inch thick,cut from the center of the melon
  • ½ cup ricotta
  • ¼ cup cream cheese whipped
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Sliced strawberries for topping
  • Blueberries for topping
  • Sliced kiwi for topping
  • Fresh mint for garnish
  • 1 tablespoon shredded coconut for topping


  • In a small bowl, mix the ricotta, cream cheese and honey together until combined.
  • Spread the ricotta mixture over the watermelon and cut into 8 equal slices.
  • Top the slices of watermelon with strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and mint. Sprinkle the shredded coconut and serve immediately.


  • For best results, top the watermelon with ther ricotta mixture immediately before consuming. And enjoy within a few hours.
  • To make this vegan, you can mix coconut cream with shredded coconut as the base “sauce” and then add any toppings of choice.


Calories: 286kcal, Carbohydrates: 21g, Protein: 9g, Fat: 19g, Saturated Fat: 12g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Monounsaturated Fat: 5g, Cholesterol: 60mg, Sodium: 152mg, Potassium: 206mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 16g, Vitamin A: 686IU, Vitamin C: 29mg, Calcium: 168mg, Iron: 1mg

Nutrition information provided is an estimate. It will vary based on cooking method and specific ingredients used.

Cuisine American
Course: Dessert

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  1. Nadia abouhassan says:

    I made it with Greek yogurt mixed with pistachio butter maple syrup banana n blueberry
    Topped with graham crumps
    It was soooo good loll

    1. Yumna Jawad says:

      Love the sound of that! Yum!!

  2. Jackie says:

    This was soooo delicious! I was a little hesitant but so glad I made it.

    1. Yumna Jawad says:

      I’m so glad you made it too! Yay!

  3. Gail M says:

    So yummy! Made this for a nice weekend summer treat. Very refreshing for those hot summer days. Easy to make and a great idea for summer! Thank you!

    1. Yumna Jawad says:

      Thank you so much! Glad it hit the spot on a hot summer day!

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