25+ Easy Christmas Morning Breakfasts

Start your Christmas morning off right with these easy and festive breakfast recipes, including frittatas, French toast, cinnamon rolls, and more!

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What’s better than waking up Christmas morning to all the presents? Waking up to all the presents and a delicious breakfast! From overnight French toast to warm cinnamon rolls and so much more, I’m sharing my top 28 Christmas Morning Breakfasts to start your day in the most merry way!

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With all the focus on the main Christmas meal, sometimes breakfast can be an afterthought. Below are 28 Easy Christmas Morning Breakfasts that are a breeze to whip up and taste delicious! No need to spend the entire day in the kitchen when you can drum up a batch of easy sheet pan eggs or scrumptious make-ahead options to have ready to go!


  • Make lasting traditions. We all have that special meal that we woke up to as a child on Christmas morning that’s seared in our minds, and if you don’t – why not start this year? Let the aroma of delicious dishes wafting through the house become a cherished part of your holiday memories.
  • Add a personalized festive touch that’s satisfying. Plan out your Christmas breakfast menu to suit your family’s tastes and dietary preferences so everyone can get into the festive spirit with happy tummies.
  • Allows you to make healthier options. The fall and winter season is a time to enjoy lots of mouthwatering dishes, everything from a Thanksgiving dinner menu to a cookie exchange party. Making food at home gives you full control over the ingredients used and the quality of the dish. Balance out the indulgence of the holiday season with lots of fresh fruits, whole grains, and these recipes made with better-for-you ingredients.
  • Spread holiday joy. Christmas is a time to be together, and whipping up traditional Christmas breakfasts together extends beyond the act of cooking. It creates a shared experience that encourages connection and joy, making Christmas morning a heartwarming part of your holiday celebration.


  1. Keep pancakes warm in the oven if cooking for a crowd. Place pancakes on a baking sheet, on a wire rack, at around 200F in the oven until you’re ready to serve them. This temperature keeps the pancakes warm without continuing to cook them.
  2. Freeze waffles for a quick and easy breakfast. Make a batch of waffles before the big day, allow them to cool, then place in a single layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet, and freeze for two hours. Then place the waffles in freezer-safe bags. Warm up in the oven or toaster when ready. Serve with sides of fruit and syrup.
  3. Go for pre-chopped veggies and fruit. Buying pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables is one of the simplest ways to save time and frees up much-needed counter space! But if you have the time, you can cut broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and bell peppers and keep them in airtight containers in the fridge until ready to use.
  4. Freeze your butter! There’s nothing like waiting for your butter to come up to room temp, especially on Christmas morning. Just pop your butter in the freezer the night before and grate it into your dough mix, it’s quick, easy, and more evenly distributed!



Bring magic to your Christmas day with these delicious breakfasts. Discover some of your favorite traditional Christmas breakfast ideas that capture the holiday spirit. Or simplify your day with easy Christmas morning breakfasts with minimal ingredients and little prep time. You’ll also find simple make-ahead Christmas breakfast ideas and options to comfortably feed a crowd. No matter what your Christmas morning looks like – you can be sure we have you covered when it comes to tasty breakfasts.


  • Copycat Starbucks Pumpkin Bread – Made with simple ingredients and seasoned with pumpkin pie spice, this popular fall and winter recipe will add irresistible sweetness to your Christmas breakfast menu. Treat your house guests to warm, comforting aroma of freshly baked goodness as they wake up to this holiday magic.
  • Broccoli and Cheese Quiche – A hearty quiche is always on the top of traditional Christmas breakfast recipes. This delicious number is made with eggs, cheddar cheese, seasonings, and broccoli florets and cooked to perfection in the oven.
  • Cranberry Lemon Muffins – It’s not a holiday meal without cranberries taking center stage. These muffins highlight the festive flavors, combining the tartness of cranberries with the bright zest of lemons. These sweet treats offer seasonal goodness in every bite, making them a necessary part of your traditional Christmas breakfast menu.
  • Vegetable Frittata – If you have any veggies leftover from your big dinner, why not give them new life and whip up this tasty frittata? This is one of my favorite easy Christmas morning breakfasts because of the simple prep and flexibility in ingredients.
  • Chai Spiced Vegan Muffins – If you love warm spices like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom – these muffins are a must-make. They’re moist, rich, and flavorful. Made with almond milk, applesauce, aromatic spices, and lightly sweetened with maple syrup, they offer a delicious addition to your holiday breakfast.
  • Vegan Cinnamon Rolls – These sweet rolls are always a favorite make ahead Christmas breakfast idea and for good reason. They’re easy to make, everyone loves them, and are an absolute must on Christmas day.
  • Hash Brown Egg Nests – When it comes to traditional Christmas breakfast recipes, a good plate of crispy hash browns and fried eggs is always welcomed. Now, put them together in a muffin pan to make a charming twist on the classic, offering a showstopping presentation and a delicious breakfast.
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  • Easy French Toast – Made with 5 simple ingredients, this vegan French toast recipe comes together quickly and just as easy as traditional French toast. Make it extra festive by using eggnog almond milk and top with fresh strawberries or my 2 ingredient strawberry sauce.
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel – If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require cranking up the oven, this salmon bagel is a great option. The only hands-on part is mixing the cream cheese with lemon juice, dill, and salt and pepper, and from there, let everyone make their own smoked salmon bagel. To make it extra special, whip up these 2-ingredient bagels.
  • Cranberry Pecan Baked Oatmeal – You won’t regret adding this to your Christmas breakfast menu. Fresh or frozen cranberries and nutty pecans come together with old-fashioned oats and a touch of cinnamon and maple syrup for a delicious and satisfying breakfast. This recipe is excellent for guests, making it one of the best Christmas morning breakfasts for a crowd!
  • Breakfast English Muffin Pizzas – In just 10 minutes, you can sit down to a delicious and unique meal to start the day. Add some leftover diced turkey breast to bump it up with protein or make it as is with just pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and scrambled eggs. It’s easy, delicious, and most importantly, satisfying to keep you going all Christmas day long.
  • Strawberry Pancakes – There’s traditional pancakes, and then there’s this allergen-friendly flourless recipe that you will feel good about serving to your guests. These are dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and oil-free, but not flavor-free! In fact, they still have the fluffy texture and delicious flavor that we all want in a good pancake stack.
  • Crustless Quiche – Full of flavor, this vegetarian quiche will be a hit on your Christmas morning. Naturally low in carbs and packed with veggies, it comes together easily, is loaded with fresh flavors, and will quickly become one of your favorite Christmas morning breakfasts for a crowd.
  • Yogurt Custard Toast – With only 7 simple ingredients and ready to be served in just 20 minutes, this take on toast transforms a classic breakfast staple into a creamy and tasty treat. Velvety custard made with yogurt, egg, honey, and lemon zest spread on warm bread and topped with fresh strawberries makes an irresistible breakfast that everyone will love.
  • Egg White Bites – Start your Christmas day with these copycat Starbucks egg white bites. They’re the perfect solution when you need something fast, satisfying, and ready to grab-and-go for those busy holiday moments. Packed with protein and a medley of flavorful ingredients, these bites offer a light yet satiating breakfast option.
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  • One Pan Baked Oatmeal – Take the stress out of breakfasts with this oven-baked oatmeal. It’s prepped and baked in one dish and loaded with flavor. Naturally sweetened with bananas, rolled oats, berries, and chia seeds come together perfectly for a no-fuss, hot breakfast for busy mornings.
  • Breakfast Egg Strata – If you’re looking for a delicious make ahead Christmas breakfast idea – this one is it! It’s excellent with leftover vegetables and you can whip it up the night before and keep it in the fridge until ready to bake. In fact, it tastes better that way as the bread soaks up the egg mixture.
  • Mediterranean Frittata – Saute the greens in a pan and whisk everything together ahead of time – then pop it in the oven for an easy and delicious make-ahead breakfast option. You can also cook it thoroughly in advance and just reheat it as needed.
  • Overnight French Toast – With just 10 minutes of hands on time, you can enjoy one of the world’s most delicious make ahead Christmas breakfast ideas. Nothing competes with this classic, and the convenience of preparing it the night before allows you to focus on the joy of Christmas morning.
  • Southwest Breakfast Burrito – When it comes to easy make ahead Christmas breakfast ideas, nothing is more original than a freezer burrito. This one is packed with flavor, very freezer friendly, and will keep you satisfied all morning long. Top it off with homemade salsa, and you have a fuss-free breakfast.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread – Upgrade your banana bread with this version. It’s an easy quick bread rich with chocolate flavor, whipped up with simple pantry ingredients, and oh-so-tasty! You’ll love the combination of ripe bananas, decadent chocolatey flavor, and creamy peanut butter in a festive bread.
  • Mushroom Frittata – A hearty frittata always makes an excellent traditional Christmas breakfast. That’s because they’re visually festive, satisfying, and oh-so-delicious. This rustic frittata takes the holiday breakfast to the next level with its earthy mushrooms sauteed to perfection, adding a rich and savory depth to every bite.
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  • French Toast Casserole – You will love this total crowd pleaser that takes no more than 10 minutes to prep. Golden buttery brioche bread smothered in a creamy batter and topped with cinnamon crunch – it’s always everyone’s favorite! Serve it with a drizzle of maple syrup or chia seed jam and a dusting of powdered sugar for an irresistible breakfast.
  • Sheet Pan Eggs – Make sure you add this to your Christmas breakfast menu. It’s fast, easy, delicious, and an excellent meal for a large crowd. The best part? It’s so customizable that you can add any vegetables, cheese, or meats you have. Enjoy the convenience of stress-free morning with this hearty egg dish. Serve it with roasted potatoes or as part of breakfast sandwiches tucked between toast.
  • Shakshuka with Feta – There’s nothing like a good one-skillet meal when it comes to easy Christmas morning breakfasts. This mouthwatering breakfast starts with caramelized onions and bell peppers and ends with eggs poached in a spiced tomato sauce. Top with feta cheese and dig in with flatbread or homemade pita bread.
  • Sheet Pan Pancakes – Satisfy everyone’s pancake cravings with this easy breakfast option that lets you whip up 4 different pancake flavors on one sheet pan. There will be something for everyone here, making this breakfast a festive and flavorful combination. It’s convenient, delicious, and caters to everyone’s personal favorites!
  • Vegetarian Egg Boat – Made with your favorite vegetables like bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions, you’ll fall in love with this easy Christmas breakfast menu option. Plus, you can easily whip up the eggs and veggies the night before then assemble and bake in the morning.
  • Fruit and Yogurt Parfait – Serving a Christmas breakfast for a crowd? Make a yogurt parfait bar, complete with favorite toppings like fresh berries and sliced bananas. Set out a variety of granola like chocolate granola, cranberry almond granola, or just regular granola. You will love how easy it is to set this up, and your guests will appreciate the flexibility in making their unique bowls.
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What is the most popular Christmas breakfast?

This varies on the region, but because Christmas is a time for family and friends to be together, breakfasts generally tend to be a little more fancy. Some traditional Christmas breakfast options include French toast, cinnamon rolls, and various breakfast quiches. It’s also an excellent time to make the traditional family breakfasts you grew up with. And don’t forget drinks like hot apple cider and hot chocolate, complete with hot cocoa bombs.

What are good Christmas morning breakfasts for a crowd?

Go with crowd-pleasing meals that can be whipped up in a casserole dish or on a sheet pan. Or set up a bar that allows your guests to customize their own bowls and plates. For example, try an overnight oats bar with toppings of nuts and fruit. Or a crepe bar with healthy nutella and different flavored homemade jam.

What to make for kids for Christmas breakfast?

A sweet breakfast like pancakes, waffles, and muffins always goes well with kids, big and small. Thankfully, I have some better for you sweet breakfast that will help them stay fuller longer. These healthy muffins for kids are a great option, as are cottage cheese pancakes and blueberry yogurt waffles.

Large pan of 12 cinnamon rolls at an angle and one roll served on small dessert plate nearby

With this collection of 28 Christmas morning breakfasts, you are set for success to create a memorable and joy-filled holiday morning. Whether you’re looking for easy meals to start the day with your immediate family or Christmas morning breakfasts for a crowd, you are sure to find something here.


Check out the picture cards for all the recipes listed above. You can click on any of the recipes cards to take you directly to those recipes.

Starbucks Pumpkin bread topped with pumpkin seeds with some of the bread sliced

Starbucks Pumpkin Bread

This Copycat Starbucks Pumpkin Bread is an easy homemade version of the popular fall recipe; made in one bowl & full of pumpkin spice flavor
1 hour 10 minutes
5 from 112 votes
Completed quiche made with broccoli and cheese after it comes out of the oven with slice removed
Brunch, Main Course

Broccoli and Cheese Quiche

It's so easy to make quiche from scratch! This broccoli and cheese quiche is made with cheddar cheese and is a perfect weekend brunch recipe.
1 hour 30 minutes
5 from 933 votes
Muffin tin with baked cranberry muffins, and cranberries added in two of the muffin tins

Cranberry Lemon Muffins

This easy recipe for Cranberry Lemon Muffins is perfect for last minute holiday guests. They have a zesty tangy flavor and a moist texture.
37 minutes
5 from 123 votes
The finished vegetable frittata in a cast iron pan

Vegetable Frittata

Vegetable frittata is a great way to use up leftover vegetables to make an easy inexpensive vegetarian meal that works for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. 
25 minutes
5 from 423 votes
Large basket of the chia spiced muffins

Chai Spiced Vegan Muffins

This Chai Spiced Vegan Muffins recipe is a delicious healthy breakfast or snack filled with warm aromatic spices like cloves, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom!
30 minutes
5 from 40 votes
Spoon glazing vegan cinnamon rolls in white pan

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Treat yourself to the most delicious breakfast! These homemade vegan cinnamon rolls are so easy to make and are wonderfully fluffy and sweet.
2 hours 40 minutes
5 from 119 votes
Hash brown eggs nests topped with parsley

Hash Brown Egg Nests

Try this 3 Ingredient Hash Brown Egg Nests that is great for breakfast or brunch with an easy homemade hash brown tutorial – they're easy, delicious & cute!
45 minutes
5 from 61 votes
Eggless french toast for a crowd topped with sliced strawberries

Vegan French Toast

Vegan French Toast is a delicious breakfast/brunch recipe that's dairy-free & egg free. I make it with plant-based milk, ground flaxseed and ciabatta bread!
25 minutes
5 from 8 votes
Smoked salmon bagel sandwich topped with cucumbers, capers and onions
Breakfast, Brunch, Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Quick and easy to make this cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel is the perfect brunch recipe. Full of fresh flavors, every bite is delicious!
10 minutes
5 from 660 votes
Baked cranberry pecan oatmel in baking dish with fresh cranberries and yogurt nearby in small bowls.

Cranberry Pecan Baked Oatmeal

Cranberry oatmeal baked with pecans, maple syrup and cinnamon and topped with a homemade maple Greek yogurt!
45 minutes
5 from 13 votes
Breakfast English Muffin Pizzas on a plate with sliced avocados
Breakfast, Brunch

Breakfast English Muffin Pizza

Ready to enjoy in minutes, these breakfast muffin pizzas are a fun way to start the day. Made with scrambled egg and your favorite toppings.
10 minutes
5 from 3 votes
Stack of fresh strawberry pancakes on a plate with more fresh strawberries around.

Strawberry Pancakes

These fresh strawberry pancakes are easy to make, and you can use everyday pantry items you likely already have on hand! Just throw in some diced strawberries!
21 minutes
5 from 42 votes
top down shot of crustless quiche with slice taken out
Main Course

Crustless Quiche

This easy to make quiche is perfect for make ahead and freezer meals. Full of fresh veggies, this crustless quiche is vegetarian, gluten-free and low carb.
50 minutes
5 from 134 votes
2 yogurt toasts topped with sliced strawberries

Yogurt Toast {Viral TikTok Recipe}

This yogurt toast is the latest viral recipe on TikTok made with a mixture of yogurt and egg added on top of bread with any fruit of choice!
20 minutes
5 from 231 votes
Egg white bites on a plate with 2 on a smaller plate nearby, garnished with fresh parsley.

Egg White Bites

These Starbucks copycat egg white bites with red bell pepper are perfect for a protein-packed breakfast with cottage cheese, mozzarella, feta, and spinach.
40 minutes
5 from 121 votes
One pan oven baked oatmeal made with frozen berries

One Pan Oatmeal

This easy one pan oven baked oatmeal is prepped and baked in the same dish, and it's loaded with sweet bananas and frozen berries. Yum!
30 minutes
5 from 347 votes

Breakfast Strata

This cheesy overnight breakfast egg strata is a vegetarian take on a classic recipe. It's a savory egg casserole that gets better as it sits!
1 day 1 hour 15 minutes
5 from 20 votes
Mediterranean Frittata in a cast iron skillet topped with sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and parsley

Mediterranean Frittata

Switch up brunch from an ordinary omelette and try this Mediterranean Frittata made with spinach, feta & tomatoes – perfectly seasoned and quickly prepared!
15 minutes
5 from 174 votes
Baked french toast topped with chopped pecans in a large white baking dish and a portion removed on a plate nearby with maple syrup on top.

Overnight French Toast

This overnight French toast casserole bake is the perfect no-fuss breakfast. Brown sugar, cinnamon custard paired with toasty pecan topping – yum!
1 hour 20 minutes
5 from 28 votes

Breakfast Burritos

This Southwest breakfast burrito is perfect for freezing and makes a great breakfast on the go! If you're into meal prep, this recipe is for you!
27 minutes
5 from 32 votes
Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread on wire rack all sliced

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread

This Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread is an easy quick bread recipe that you can whip up with simple pantry ingredients – rich, moist and oh-so pretty!
1 hour 10 minutes
4.9 from 113 votes
Mushroom Frittata in pan.

Mushroom Frittata

This Mushroom Frittata is a fun breakfast/brunch recipe that is made with eggs, mushrooms and kale – it's vegetarian, hearty and easily customizable
30 minutes
5 from 26 votes
Slice of French toast casserole on a plate with syrup being poured over.

French Toast Casserole

This easy french toast casserole is a tasty holiday breakfast/brunch! It’s quick to prepare & there’s no need for overnight chilling – perfect for a crowd.
55 minutes
5 from 133 votes
Eggs for a crowd - sheet pan eggs made in a baking sheet

Sheet Pan Eggs

This Sheet Pan Eggs recipe is a great way to cook a breakfast meal for a large crowd using just your oven – it's fast, easy and delicious!
20 minutes
5 from 1067 votes
Shakshuka with Feta served with bread and cilantro in a cast iron skillet
Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner

Shakshuka with Feta

Shakshuka with Feta is a one skillet meal like eggs in purgatory. Eggs are poached in a spiced tomato sauce with caramelized onions and sprinkled with feta!
52 minutes
5 from 411 votes

Sheet Pan Pancakes

Whether you want an easy and delicious pancake breakfast for the family or looking to serve a crowd, Sheet Pan Pancakes have all the flavor of traditional fluffy pancakes without all the work!
25 minutes
5 from 926 votes
Final Vegetarian Egg Boat, sliced and garnished with sliced tomatoes

Vegetarian Egg Boat

Vegetarian Egg Boat is the ultimate breakfast for a crowd. Prep the vegetables and whisk the eggs in advance, then bake when ready for a hearty yummy meal
40 minutes
5 from 11 votes
Fruit and yogurt parfait with red, white and blue fruits layered
Breakfast, Dessert, Snack

Fruit & Yogurt Parfait

These red white an blue fruit yogurt parfaits are great to enjoy on the 4th, or all summer long. Made with fresh berries, Greek yogurt and granola for an easy treat.
40 minutes
5 from 207 votes

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