Whipped Coffee

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Whipped Coffee Recipe is made with only 3 ingredients whisked together - instant coffee, sugar & water - a creamy, frothy mixture served over iced/warm milk

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This Whipped Coffee recipe is all the rage these last couple weeks. This is a type of Korean coffee known as Dalgona coffee. It was recently popularized through a viral TikTok video showing how simple and delicious it is. It’s one of those recipes that is so easy to make, but looks really fancy. It’s a coffee shop type of coffee drink we can enjoy at home!

Peaks of whipped coffee in a glass mug over iced milk

In a very short week, I have read up so much about this whipped coffee recipe and made 5 rounds of it myself. I’m slightly obsessed and want everyone to make this right away! After being very caffeinated this week, I’ve learned so much about the best ways to make whipped coffee and things to watch out for. See my tips and frequently asked questions below.

What is whipped coffee?

Whipped coffee is also known as Dalgona coffee and it is very popular in South Korea. It’s also common in Greece where it’s called Frappe Coffee and in India where it’s called Beaten Coffee. The trending name for it from TikTok though is just whipped coffee.

To make it, just mix equal parts instant coffee, granulated sugar and water. The mixture will go from liquidy to super thick and creamy. Then spoon the mixture over milk of choice, either iced or hot. And that’s it – easy simple creamy frothy whipped coffee!

How do you make whipped coffee?

Start with 1, 2 or 3 tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar and water. The equal parts 1 tablespoon is ideal for 1 serving. But you can double or triple the recipe (which is what I did below to emphasize the texture through the volume). When you first mix it together it will just look like a concentration of instant coffee.

Process shots to show the stages 1-2

After a few minutes of whisking, you’ll notice that the consistency will go from liquidy looking dark coffee to a lighter thicker consistency.

Process shots to show the stages 3-4

But keep whisking at that point because you’ll soon notice that it will get even lighter in color to create a creamy, frothy whipped coffee – an irresistible coffee recipe. It will almost look like peanut butter. You’ll know you’re done when you have formed peaks on the whisk. You’ll see it’s much thicker and keeps its shape.

Process shots to show the stages 5-6 when it's all ready

When you’re done whisking the mixture, you’re ready for the final step of the whipped coffee recipe. Just spoon that mixture over milk or water, give it a stir and enjoy it. You can have it over iced or warmed milk. You can even serve it over iced water or warm water, similar to an Americano.

Adding the whipped coffee on top of iced milk in a glass mug

Watch this video to learn how to make whipped coffee.

Tips for making whipped coffee

  1. Use hot water for best results. The hot water is not necessary. It will still whip up nicely with cold or room temperature water. However, I found that the hot water works faster.
  2. Use an electronic mixer to make it faster. The first time I made this, I had my husband whisk it for me because my hands were tired after a couple minutes whisking. A stand mixer or milk frother work really well and they’re much faster! It will still take at least 5 minutes.
  3. Whisk the ingredients in a bowl, not in a mug or jar. That’s because the dalgona coffee gets fluffy and whipped through the mixture interacting with the air. So a tall container like a mug or jar won’t allow enough air to circulate around.
  4. Mix the whipped coffee with a spoon or straw before sipping. It’s fun to serve the whipped coffee recipe on top of the drink, but to enjoy it fully, mix it around to incorporate the flavor. It will look like a frappuccino at that point.
What it looks like after everything is mixed together

Other serving suggestions

So this whipped coffee is the ultimate treat with iced milk. But I’ve seen a lot of people serve it with many types of desserts. Make sure to whip it enough to get peaks if you’re adding it to desserts. Here are some great options that would go great with this whipped coffee:

Frequently asked questions

Can I use regular ground coffee?

Unfortunately no, the whipped coffee recipe doesn’t work with regular ground coffee, because that needs to be brewed before it becomes palatable. You have to use instant coffee to make it.

What kind of sugar is best for whipped coffee?

This works best with granulated sugar. However, there are different types of granulated sugar that you can use – traditional white sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar or even raw sugar.

Can I make it with less sugar, no sugar or sugar alternative?

Yes you can skip the sugar, reduce the sugar or use a sugar alternative like Stevia, but it won’t lighten as much or fluff up as much in that case.

Which instant coffee is best to use?

You can use any brand of instant coffee you have. I like Nescafe and it’s very popular and widely available, so I always have it in my pantry.

Whipped coffee served over iced milk

This whipped coffee is such a fun drink to make at home and it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at. Check out what all the rage is about and give it a try this weekend. You won’t miss the coffee shop! And if you have more instant coffee leftover, be sure to check out 6 more ways to use instant coffee!

For more coffee recipes

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Whipped Coffee

Whipped Coffee Recipe is made with only 3 ingredients whisked together – instant coffee, sugar & water – a creamy, frothy mixture served over iced/warm milk
5 from 972 votes
Servings 2 serving
Course Beverage
Calories 202
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Total Time 15 mins


  • 2 tablespoons instant coffee
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 16 ounces milk for serving


  • Place the instant coffee, sugar and water in a bowl.
  • Use a whisk, hand mixer or frother to combine. It will take about 5-15 minutes depending on the type of whisk you use. Look for a thickened consistency that's much lighter in color.
  • Serve it as a creamy topping over any milk of choice – iced or hot.



Storage: If you make extra, you can store any unused whipped coffee in the fridge for up to 5 days. You can whip it again to make it more frothy and lighter in color.
Equipment: The fastest way to make this is with a stand mixer whipped coffee. But you can also use a hand mixer or a milk frother (Amazon affiliate links). It helps ease the work on your hands.


Calories: 202kcal, Carbohydrates: 27g, Protein: 8g, Fat: 7g, Saturated Fat: 4g, Cholesterol: 23mg, Sodium: 100mg, Potassium: 476mg, Sugar: 23g, Vitamin A: 367IU, Calcium: 263mg, Iron: 1mg

Nutrition information provided is an estimate. It will vary based on cooking method and specific ingredients used.

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Peaks of whipped coffee in a glass mug over iced milk

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  1. This is incredible! I read this recipe awhile ago, and knew I had to try it. I was in the middle of a long day watching all 4 of my grandchildren, and decided I needed a boost. I tried remembering the recipe, and thought it said 3 T each water sugar and coffee. Needless to say I had more than I could drink/eat in one serving. I wish I had seen that it would keep for 5 days in the fridge! But a couple visitors later and I was washing out the mixer bowl. I bought a jar of instant coffee today and plan on making a big batch for Easter tomorrow, I cant imagine any coffee “liker” not loving this! The sugar can be adjusted more or less to your taste and its still fabulous. I am dreaming of all the ways this could be enjoyed, Do you think decaf instant coffee would work as well? Thank you so much for this recipe you’ve changed my life! I rarely write reviews, but this!

    1. Thank you so much! Hope everyone enjoys it at Easter. I have yet to try it with decaf instant coffee, so let me know how it goes if you do, but I think it should work just fine.

  2. I made this and love it! After getting it whipped, I put in vanilla extract that is alcohol free. It’s awesome.

  3. Has anyone ever tried to just mix the ingredients together with warm milk? Does it not taste the same? Or does the texture become more palatable?

    1. It doesn’t become fluffy. You are looking to create a creamy, frothy whipped coffee that will almost look like peanut butter.

  4. Has anyone made this with a sugar substitute? Is there a printable version? I am diabetic and I look for diabetic recipes. Sugar is a no go.

    1. You can skip the sugar, reduce the sugar or use a sugar alternative like Stevia, but it won’t lighten as much or fluff up as much in that case.

      1. I was hoping that someone had done it and knew the ratios to do it. I know there are many substitutes but the amount of it to be used can vary greatly. Stevia has a after taste that is bitter. Others can make things to sweet if not used correctly.

      2. I used monk fruit sugar, I’m diabetic too and it has a low glycemic level. Works great in this recipe.

  5. First attempt with a hand mixer. My wife and I love it on most any desert, coffee, almond milk, jello.

  6. I appreciate you making the recipe as simple as possible; and adding helpful tips. I find that it comes out better if you double the recipe and make for two rather than one. What I thought would be an occasional treat has become a regular drink. My husband loves it and asks me to make it every day. 🙂

    1. Thank you! It depends on what type of Stevia you’re using. If it’s in powder form, maybe 0.5-0.75 tsp?

  7. I used vanilla-infused sugar and poured it over iced half and half and it was amazing! I think I try it with coffee-infused sugar next time 🙂 I will definitely be making this again to have on hand for the summer…thank you for the great recipe

  8. Instead of milk I used iced coffee, topped it with this and some chocolate syrup… It came out soo good, I loved it!

    1. I’m sure you could, but I haven’t tried it that way yet, so I’m not sure when the best step to do that would be.

  9. I don’t normally buy instant coffee but I do have instant espresso powder. Would that work? I assume the ratios would be slightly different as espresso is stronger.

    1. That is what I use. It works perfectly. Whip in a low glass or container to get air working through the custard. Delicious in fat free milk. Add ice if desired.

    1. There are definitely make different ways you could this! I’m not sure how firm it’d be compared to a mousse, but it may be worth a try!

    2. I made it with Taster’s Choice and half organic Mexican panela and half white granular. Wasn’t sweet enough so I beat in powdered sugar and cinnamon. Put in the fridge for tomorrow morning. Tastes divine but I’ll try instant espresso next time. A mousse would be too strong and harsh on your stomach. I got a bit of heartburn from tasting it. Try just mixing it in your iced or cold frothed milk beverage or whatever to dilute it. It’s very intense!

  10. Wow! This the best thing! I’ll have to buy decaf instant coffee because I just can’t help frequently tasting it. Can you imagine how great it would be spooned over chocolate mousse with a dribble of liqueur on top, frozen as a popsicle or as a thin ‘icing’ on a burnt sugar cake?

  11. Simple & straightforward Recipe! I definitely try this whipped coffee recipe at home. The process you used looks quicker. Thank you for sharing the amazing new flavor of the coffee.

  12. Yea I still find it rather crazy how quickly this unique coffee has swept the globe. Absolutely delicious though

  13. My whipped coffee looked stunning but tasted super bitter, almost burned. The taste didn’t improve after mixing it into the milk. I followed the recipe exactly, using Folgers instant coffee, hot water and plain white sugar. Where did I go wrong?!

    1. Hmm, that’s so odd! Does your instant coffee normally taste bitter like that? I wonder if you over mixed it and your mixer got heated and burnt the coffee? I like using the Nescafe brand – it’s amazing!

    2. In my experience, Folgers just tastes that way unless you add plenty of sugar and some type of cream/non-dairy creamer. You could try it with a sweetened milk, like sweet almond milk. I used Folgers and put it on top of my regular iced coffee. Tasted great.

  14. This was so easy. I used a 2 cup glass measuring cup and immersion blender with the whisk attachment. It was done in less than 2 minutes.

  15. Since I tried it, I look forward to having a cup in the afternoon.
    Like a desert for me.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love your blog

  16. I must say this whipped coffee is very addictive. On very first, I had two cups of it ! Fully charged and caffeinated 🤪. Ingredients measurements are so accurate and it’s easy to make at home. Thank ma’am for sharing it with us. 👌

  17. I made this yesterday and really enjoyed it. This will be my summer drink. Question – Can I make a batch of the coffee mixture and keep in my frig so I don’t have to whisk every morning?

  18. So good!!! I just made it out of curiosity and oh boy! It’s like drinking a coffee milkshake! I need to go get more instant coffee now. Definitely going to be a staple from now on. Thank you so much!

      1. What did you use to whip the coffee? Tell me more about how you made it so I can help your troubleshoot.

  19. I have tried this, whipped and whipped and whipped, no go, just strong black coffee. I used an electric mixer.

    1. What kind of bowl did you mix it in? And are you sure the proportions were correct and the water was warm?

  20. I made this with decaffeinated instant coffee, instead of sugar l used sugar free vanilla syrup and water. Whipped up just like yours, l can’t have a lot of caffeine try not to eat to much sugar, health reasons. It is delicious, thanknyou for sharing your recipe.

  21. Delicious! What calories I’m about to consume, I burned whipping the coffee.

    Thank you♡

  22. Such a great treat! Have been making these during quarantine as an afternoon pick me up! Two things I found make it easier. Hot water is key! I know the post says this but I tried with cold and it never really got whipped. Also multiple this by 3 or 4 and make a bunch of batches at once. With one batch, my kitchen aid mixer didn’t reach the liquid and i had to do it by hand and it was so hard. If you make multiple batches at the same time, you can do it easily in the kitchen aid with the whisk attachment! Then just keep the extra in the fridge. Thank you for this recipe. SO GOOD!

    1. I totally agree with you about the multiple batches and I just updated the recipe to make it 2 tablespoons each because I just think it works better that way in my experience as well. Thank for your sharing your tips!

    2. Hi coffee lovers , this morning I made my hot water , in a mug I put my sweet italian cream non dairy and warmed it up some , poured it into my mini blender and added my coffee and blended it untill frothy then just added that to my big mug of hot water , it was like a big frothy mug of coffee ,I imagine some whip cream on top would really jazz it up ! 😀

    1. Yay! Glad you liked it! You can reduce the sugar a bit and it will be fine but it just won’t fluff as much.

  23. I saw this on your Instagram- we’re big into coffee, I’ve seen this posted around social media, but the instant coffee idea kept me from trying it. We usually grind our own so I didn’t think this would be worth the effort- boy was I wrong!!! I don’t know that I’d do this daily but I’ll probably do it once a week now! Thanks for the tips!!

      1. Forgot to mention I used a hand blender and it worked great! Easy on the hands. For the milk I used chocolate for extra flavor. First time I did it iced but today is rainy so I am having it hot right now ~ what a treat ?

  24. I LOVE making and drinking Dalgona coffee! My husband and I have ours on top of iced milk. We don’t stir (yet) we sip the milk through the froth getting a perfect taste and mouthfeel of both froth and cold milk. It IS a real treat! I usually only make 2/3 of a recipe for both of us because instant coffee is so expensive. But it is worth it!

  25. I read another recipe that said this would work with hot chocolate mix, but I couldn’t get it to froth at all. I tried it with 1 T each of hot chocolate mix, sugar, and hot water (and also tried with 3 T of each). But it didn’t work. Have you tried this with hot chocolate mix? Did it work for you, or does it only work with instant coffee? Many thanks for your help.

    1. I haven’t tried it yet because I heard most people who have tried it didn’t have good results! I think the only way it works is if you get it whipped and then add the hot chocolate at the end. Try that and let me know how it works!

      1. Do you mean whip the sugar and water and then add the hot choc? I was trying to make it with no coffee, just hot choc. I tried it with hot choc and then with just cocoa and, I agree with the others, it’s not working at all (tho it makes a nice topping for ice cream or stirred into milk). I bet if I made the instant coffee version and then added some chocolate that that would work. When I get some instant coffee, I’ll give that a try and let you know.

      2. OK. I got some instant coffee and tried a few things. Your recipe works great. A few thoughts: I wish I had gotten a higher-quality instant coffee. The one I got is very bitter. I tried using only 1/2 the sugar, but I think, with the cheaper version I got, I’ll need to up it to the 1:1 ratio. Also, I tried adding some hot chocolate (1T) to the whipped coffee and it kind of flattened it, so I don’t think hot chocolate works at all. (If someone has a way to do it, please share).

        But—one thing that did work: I had a little whipped coffee left in my bowl, so I added a big spoonful of vanilla ice cream and mixed it in and that was very tasty. Coffee ice cream is my favorite and this is a super easy way to make it!

        1. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! I agree that the quality of instant coffee matters a lot. ANd mmmmm that whipped coffee with ice cream sounds heavenly!!

  26. Love this recipe! Super simple and fun (especially with a hand mixer). I prefer my coffee more on the sweet side so I definitely upped up the sugar to coffee/water ratio but amazing nonetheless!!

  27. Once I saw the whipped coffee I had to make! Super easy super simple and sooo yummy! I live in Kuwait and this quarantine is overwhelming.. thank you Yumna for the amazing recipes ??

      1. I’ve been whisking for a while and it thickened a bit but not much, the frother just splashes it everywhere. Most recipes say two tablespoons, but this one days 1, could that be it?

        1. The measurements are equal parts for all three ingredients but it shouldn’t matter if you use 1 tablespoon of everything or two tablespoons of everything. It should still work. It does help to use two tablespoons since the bulk helps it to whip up easier. Try it again with 2 tablespoons each and use a wide deep bowl if you can with the frother.

  28. I’ve tried about 5 times now and have only been able to get it to froth up. Even after a good 10 minutes of whisking. Any suggestions?

    1. Oh I’m sorry to do hear that! If you are whisking by hand sometimes it will take as much as 15 minutes depending on how fast and vigorously you whisk.

  29. Made mine with coconut milk… Delicious!!!!
    Thank you for your awesome recipes!!❣️❣️ Love from Canada

  30. This was such a fun and easy drink to make. I used a battery powered whip from a “put your items together” store and it worked just great in a few minutes.
    I poured it over fat free milk and it looks and tastes like a European coffee.
    I take my coffee mild and sweet and creamy so this was stronger and not sweet but very good.
    Instant Espresso coffee is what I used. One tablespoon of that and sugar and water made a single serving.

  31. I’ve tried to make it with Nescafé decaf cappuccino mix with raw sugar and hot water with an electric mixer. 10 mins later and did not fluff up

    Does it have to be normal coffee mix ?

    1. Hmm, it might have something to do with the Nescafe cappuccino mix? It doesn’t make sense though if it doesn’t work if it’s instant coffee. The raw sugar should be fine along with hot water. Was it instant coffee?

    1. I haven’t tried splenda yet. Others tried it and said it doesn’t fluff as much but it does work. And I’ve used a whisk, and a hand blender and stand mixer. All of them will work, the stand mixer is the fastest.

  32. Thank you for this! Are you familiar with grain coffee, do you think that could also work? (It’s not actually coffee, but smells & tastes similar to instant coffee.)

    1. I am not familiar with grain coffee but if it can be consumed just by mixing with hot water like instant coffee, than I think you can definitely use it!

  33. I tried it this morning. POTENT! I’m not used to sweetened coffee anymore, but it was nice! I used instant decaf and whipped up 1/8 of each ingredient and it whipped up nicely! I microwaved some milk and added it in. MMM! Question: any way I can reduce the sugar a bit? And has anyone tried it with Monk-fruit sweetener? I assume the whip wouldn’t be as big without real sugar. Thank you!

    1. Yes it really is potent, thats why it helps to have it with lots of milk to mellow it out. You can definitely reduce the sugar by half and it won’t whip as much but it will still taste great!

  34. This covid19 period is giving us enough time to try new recipes and enjoy the great quick and yummy discoveries such as this drink! Thank you Yumna for making our lives easier

  35. Would refrigerated instant coffee
    prevent it from whipping? We have tried several times and and it will not whip and can’t think of any other reason since it seems so simple for others. Thanks.

    1. Do you use hot water? Hot water should make it work even if it refrigerated. Let me know if that works!

  36. Topped both My ordinary coffee & warm milk this whipped coffee and I can’t get enough. It’s become my go-to drink on these Covid-19 quarantine days??

  37. Since you shared this recipe- ive made it WAY too many times! Tastes like an expensive starbucks drink! We added in some caramel in it as well and it tastes like a caramel macchiato!! Super easy to make and soo delicious!

    Thanks for the great recipes!

  38. Another great recipe from Yumna! My new go-to drink to start my day. Easy to make, tastes great, and recipe is perfect for my taste preferences. Used a hand mixer and it only took 2 minutes flat to whip up ?

  39. i tried doing it with both hot milk and iced milk. it mixed well with the hot milk. However, it didn’t mix well with the iced milk because it got clumpy.any suggestions ?

    1. The hot milk or iced milk is only for serving. Did it just get clumpy for serving it? The whipped coffee will usually sit on top of the milk, but you can mix it around before sipping.

      1. yes i wanted to mix it well before sipping but it got clumpy, when i mixed it with the hot milk it mixed well. but it didn’t mix well with the cold one. i guess we are supposed to mix it lightly, am I right ?

  40. I tried this a few days ago and my wife and I loved it. Keep in mind if you whisk by hand it’ll take forever. Outside of that, next time I’ll probably cut back on the sugar since it was a bit sweet for me but that’s by preference and says nothing against how good the recipe is! Thanks for sharing. Quick question: Of I wanted to make this in a larger serving size for later how would you recommend storing it?

  41. I made this last night and it was amazing. I made a larger batch, I mixed it with frothed milk, and ended up mixing non dairy powdered creamer and water, 3tbsp of each to mix into the coffee. It took the bitterness away. My question is, if you had to guess, how much whipped coffee does this recipe make? As in cup measurements, because I would like to make this in large quantities, but I’m not sure how much whipped coffee per 1 cup of milk I’m supposed to use. If you can help me out, that would be great!! (:

    1. So glad to hear that you liked it! Usually every tablespoon of the instant coffee is for one serving. So if you made 3 tablespoons of each, it would be good for 3 servings. However, you might be able to use it for more or less depending on how much you add to each serving. Hope that helps!

  42. I tried this the other day and found that when I mixed it into my milk it was super clumpy. Maybe I didn’t mix it well enough? Any ideas?

    Thank you!! 🙂

    1. Did you get stiff peaks as you were whisking it? It takes a bit of time to get that perfect texture, but it’s so worth it!

  43. Thank you for posting this! I’ve been meaning to try this and your recipe has the most useful tips, details and pictures! The pictures helped me visualize how long to mix for which is the most important part. I’m hooked!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you found the step-by-step pictures useful. I know, there’s a point where you feel like you’re done, but if you keep going it gets even more whipped. I’m hooked too!!

  44. I am going by your exact recipe (exact instant coffee) and mine while not whip! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong- as there’s not a lot of room for mess ups. So sad!

  45. I’m a Surgical Tech in a University Hospital. Things have been crazy lately. We made your recipe at work the other night and Wow! It brought us right back around to happy again! We’re in love with this coffee!! Thank you ?

    1. Aww, I’m so happy to hear that, it’s a little something small to brighten your day during the quarantine. I hope you are staying safe.

  46. I tried this and I used 2/2/2. It ended up like a peanut butter consistency and I barely had 3 tablespoons. Any suggestions on what I did wrong? It tasted great stirred in milk, but from pictures looks like I should have had more. Thanks!

    1. My pictures actually used 3/3/3 and I whisked it for a long time. I think try it again and whisk longer. You can even increase the amount as I did which helps with the whisking. Let me know how it turns out.

  47. It’s sooooo good. I was trying to find a well-written recipe and this is definitely it. I made the iced version for me and a few others and everyone loved it!

  48. Can I use decaf? Because I tried making this and it wouldn’t work….
    Could it be because I used decaf??

      1. You can find decaf instant coffee, but it will specifically state that it’s decaf, if it’s mandatory.

  49. Thank you so much for this recipe! My husband and I enjoyed a few cups already! So delicious and easy to make! Beats any coffee I’ve had outside ?

  50. It took a couple of minutes to do but it was worth it ! I can’t get enough ! I am not going to drink normal coffee anymore ! I totally recommend it. Thank you for your amazing recipe and I will definitely do more ! ??

  51. This was so delicious!! Everyone who I have made it for so far has loved it! Thank you for sharing your recipe… love it ♥️?? #obsessed

  52. I made this whipped coffee, and omg I can’t get enough. Such a perfect coffee fix! A small joy durning these current events!

  53. Hi, I continued to do that, but it still was just a dark thick substance, so I opted to just frothing milk, and adding it to that, it was still good, but I’m a tad disappointed. I used ‘Nescafe Smooth and Creamy’ instant coffee, but I did notice that it was quite fine and more powdery. Would that have an impact?

    1. Oh that’s really odd. The instant coffee you used is perfect. I’m really sorry and not sure why it didn’t work. I will be sure to share a video of this as soon as possible to help show it.

    2. If it’s it’s too fine and powdery like cocoa powder, it won’t fluff at all. I did try with cocoa powder instead of coffee. It will thicken slightly but never as fluffy as with coffee. But it makes for a fantastic chocolate milk!

  54. Super yummy and comforting during this time! So easy to make! I’ve been craving barista coffee and this came really close! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe ?

  55. Omg, this recipe is awesome! I did what she said and voila! I used an electronic whisk and it turned out as she did! Plus, I have been following her on IG for more than one year and her recipes never disappointed me ?? Thank you for what you’re doing Yumna!

  56. So yummy! My husband loved it and I will be trying the water version tomorrow for me:) I also had my husband help me with the whisking. gracias!

    1. Oh so glad to hear your husband loved it and so nice he helped you! It’s hard work doing it manually.

  57. Umm, I have no idea why it won’t work for me, I did all the steps correctly and mixed for over 10 minutes with an electric mixer, but it wouldn’t get to the thick, fluffy consistency as it should be. It’s stuck at the stage of dark, semi-thick looking coffee.

    1. Ugh, that’s frustrating. If you’re using an open bowl and you continue to mix with the right proportions it should work. I would strongly recommend you continue to whisk and it will work! What kind of instant coffee did you use?

  58. I used 2 tablespoons instant coffee and 1 tablespoon stevia over iced coconut milk. It came out sweet and refreshing! Will make again, plus the dog approved ?

  59. Do think you could freeze it? I was thinking it would make cool ice cubes to put in milk. Or if you wanted to make it a mocha like Logan mentioned why not just add it to chocolate milk lol.

  60. Mixed my coffee for 20 minutes without electric mixer (used a whisk) and it did not change one bit. Just stayed looking like chunky mud. Damn near impossible to achieve.

    1. Did you put it in a bowl or cup/mug? It needs air contact to work well so I recommend a wide bowl. I’m wondering what may have gone wrong because it works for everyone.

  61. I love it, but be sure to mix it before you try it lol! I think i will start to make this more! I had an idea of adding some cocoa powder to make it a mocha coffee!

  62. I have had this type of coffee many times but could never get the ratios right myself. This recipe was bang on! My first time turned out perfect. Really easy and quick, and delicious. I don’t think I can have coffee any other way now ?.

  63. So delicious and yummy! Definitely satisfies my starbucks cravings and I can play around with it!! I added the mixture on top of unsweetened cold almond milk, ice and a drizzle of caramel , thanks for sharing!

  64. Just made this and it tastes amazing!!! So easy to make, especially with an electric hand mixer. I enjoyed it iced with vanilla almond milk and vanilla nut pods creamer! I am definitely excited for the weather to warm up because this is going to be my new iced coffee drink for the summer!

  65. My kids saw this all over the internet and were dying to try it. Since were all quarantined I figured, what better time to ch I’ve it a try.. we served it over cold milk, gave it some rigorous stirs. It was delish. I dont typically like iced coffee, but this was really good

  66. Could anyone give any advice? I am making this and my mixture won’t fluff up! Can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I am using Instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. Any advice?

  67. I was skeptical when I first heard of this, but It was really good. I only have instant espresso powder so it was nice and strong.

  68. This was terrific! I was super skeptical because I hate instant coffee and don’t like my coffee too sweet. I had to give it a go just to see what all the rave was about and glad I did!

  69. Loved it!! Mixed it with cold regular milk and a splash of coconut creamer! Definitely see this as becoming a yummy habit! Thanks so much for sharing!

  70. I don’t drink coffee at all, but just gave it a try to this one today. It’s so easy and delicious. I found the best way yo drink coffee now.
    Thanks for this ?

  71. Tried this after seeing this on her Instagram stories and I was so happy! So nice to know i can make a fancy coffee at home with only 3 ingredients! Highly recommend

  72. I tried it today and apparently this is big in my parents home of Pakistan. Tastes amazing, ill be making larger batches thanks to your measurments!

    1. Yes, it seems that it’s been around for a long time. Where has it been all my life though?! Haha! Glad you tried it and liked it!

  73. This is so good!!!! I love it was delicious!! And so creamy!!!! ?❤️ Its perfect for a cold coffee!! Amazing!