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Are you new to the Feel Good Foodie Cooking Challenge? Join us this month to make the recipe of the month, leave a rating on the recipe post and be entered to win some fun prizes! Read more below.

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We’re excited for a new month of the Feel Good Foodie Cooking Challenge! In April you helped us generate 88 ratings and over 59 new comments on the Chicken Shawarma Salad — thank you so much! We were able to give $88 to Zaman International, while also awarding one of you a $100 gift card for participating. Thank you so much for participating and for all of the photos and tags on social media!

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Are you new to the Feel Good Foodie Cooking Challenge? Join us each month to make the recipe of the month, leave a rating and a comment for the recipe on the post, and you’ll help us toward our donation for our selected charity of the month and be entered to win some fun prizes!


If you love sushi, you’re sure to love this sushi stack! Plump shrimp mixed in a creamy mayo and sriracha sauce on top of crunchy cucumbers, silky avocado, and sticky sushi rice. Think California roll, but with shrimp instead of crab. It’s a fun deconstructed sushi roll that’s perfect for a party or an easy weeknight meal.

Chopsticks taking bite out of sushi stack made with shrimp.

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What is the Feel Good Foodie Cooking Challenge?

This Cooking Challenge is a fun way for us to join together and cook or bake the recipe of the month! It also allows us to collect feedback from all of you on your experience with the recipe, changes you’d make, ingredients you’d add, and more. It helps you get in the kitchen and try something new!

How does it work?

We’ll announce the Cooking Challenge at the start of the month on all social channels and in our Facebook Group. You will have until the last few days of the month to make the recipe and leave a rating and a comment on At the end of the month, we’ll share photos of some of your creations and announce a winner of a grand prize gift of a $100 gift card to Amazon.

How do I enter the challenge?

To enter the challenge, it’s required that you leave a rating and comment on the recipe card. You can also share photos of your creations on Instagram Stories using #feelgoodfoodie and tagging @feelgoodfoodie or in our Facebook group (optional).

Sushi shrimp stack made with spicy mayo shrimp, avocado, cucumbers and rice


We believe in spreading love and kindness however we can. We’re going to give $1.00 for every recipe rating to World Central Kitchen for their #ChefsForUkraine initiative.

Sushi Shrimp StaCk


In May you helped us generate 45 ratings and over 47 new comments on the Shrimp Sushi Stack — thank you so much! We were able to give $45 to World Central Kitchen, while also awarding one of you a $100 gift card for participating.

May Cooking Challenge Remakes Collage Shrimp Sushi Stack

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  1. I finally made some time with my granddaughter to complete another challenge. This time we reached back to May and sushi. This is a delicious recipe. My granddaughter does not like shrimp or tuna and unfortunately my tofu was definitely past its prime. We settled on chicken which went perfectly with Sriracha and avocado mayo sauce. Again like most recipes, this one’s very adaptable using quinoa and ancient grains for sushi rice.
    A sure fired winner and surprisingly filling.

    1. Thank you, Karen! So glad you were able to make this recipe work with chicken. What a great way to bond with your granddaughter and enjoy some yummy food!

  2. I made this one evening for dinner. I was so surprised with how easy this was! I used cooked shrimp to make it even quicker.
    The sauce that was made to coat the shrimp was so delicious.
    I would recommend this recipe if you are looking for something tasty and easy!

  3. This recipe was sooo gooood. I would definitely make it again. I even used the chili lime recipe for the shrimp and everything was delicious.
    I wish i could post pictures here.

    1. Thank you so much! You can join my Facebook group (Feel Good Foodies: A Community!) and share your photos with me there!

  4. Hi Yumna

    This was soooo simple to make. Love the simplicity of everyday ingredients turned into a wow food showstopper 🤩.
    Presentation & feel of this sushi stack was if I served food from a 5 star restaurant 😂

    I love that its so versatile, we can use the idea for fish, chicken, veggies etc.
    Great way to get the kids to eat food they don’t like but made up in a pretty snack 😎🙌🙌

    1. This was not only delicious (yes, it totally tastes like sushi 🍣), but also so simple to make! Such a great serving size as well. What’s even more awesome is rhe versatility. No shrimp or don’t eat it? No problem, fish, chicken, tofu or even eggs! Ok- not to mention a crowd pleasing (all ages), show stopping, beauty 😍 All around great recipe and concept. Definitely will be a go-to any time of the year!

  5. My husband and I tried this sushi stack and are obsessed. I added some sweet chili sauce to the mayo and sriracha. Also added some shredded crab on top. We love Poke bowls and this recipe kind of reminded us of the bowls we usually get.

  6. This was sooooooo GOOD (In Yumna’s voice 🤣) it was quick and easy to make!! I love all of your recipes, thank you for your amazing videos. Everytime I don’t know what to cook I go to your insta page and poof dinner!

    1. Aww, thank you! That’s exactly what I was going for. Hope you continue to enjoy the recipes!

  7. Loved this so much for lunch I made it for dinner for my niece. It was quick and easy and so tasty. Mine wasn’t nearly as pretty looking, but I’m okay with that. Used kewpie mayo and sriracha.

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