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Popular Chicken Dinners

After cooking, allow chicken to rest for a few minutes before slicing or serving. This helps redistribute the juices, resulting in juicier meat. To ensure your chicken is cooked through, use a thermometer to ensure proper cooking: chicken breasts to 165°F (75°C), thighs and other cuts to 170-175°F (77-80°C).

Plant Forward Dinners

Whether you’re vegan or just looking for healthier dinner options, add a little pizzazz to your meals with these 40 Plant-Based Dinner Recipe ideas guaranteed to satisfy you. Packed with protein, easy to make, and delicious – try some of these out in your weekly meal rotation; you won’t be disappointed! Whether it’s hearty meat-free meatballs, crazy good curries, or you’re favorite comfort foods, you’ll find a cornucopia of healthy weeknight meals below!

Pasta Night Ideas

Ground Beef Dinner Ideas

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Seafood Recipes

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Looking for Vegetarian Dinners?

These easy vegetarian dinner ideas are perfect for your meat-free Monday. All simple and easy to make, they are hearty and healthy and will be loved by the whole family. Vegetarian meals go beyond just salads and vegetables. Find savory, wholesome dinners that include burgers, hearty chilis, tacos, and nutritious pasta dishes that incorporate meat-free alternatives.

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