Easy Kid-Friendly Recipes

Designed with little foodies in mind, these Easy Kid-Friendly Recipes have simple ingredients, basic instructions, and flavors that kids adore. My kids especially love the Mac and Cheese Bites and Pancake Dippers! Of course, there’s a cute factor involved in some of these recipes, like the Homemade Pop Tarts, Reindeer Brownies, and Cucumber Sushi. So fun and delicious!

Latest Kid Friendly Recipes

Breakfast for Busy Mornings

How to Make Grilled Cheese

Learn how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich that brings pure comfort to every bite. With simple tips and tricks, you’ll soon be sinking your teeth into deliciously toasted bread with a gooey, cheesy center that is oh-so-good! It’s simple, quick, and perfect for a quick lunch or dinner! I’ll show you how to make a grilled cheese in a pan without burning it!

Tasty Plates

Sweet Surprises


Chocolate Chip Cookies

If there’s one universal truth about cookies, it’s that a classic, made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookie is hard to beat. There’s something about a chewy, soft, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie that just feels like home. It’s the perfect balance of sweet, a little salty, and rich with delicious chocolate chips, all wrapped up in a cookie…


Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip

You can’t go wrong with chocolate peanut butter dip. It’s the perfect party food, great for an after-school snack, easy to take on the go, and a great appetizer for any time of day. And this dip is made with the sweet-lovers in mind without neglecting the health nuts – perfect for fruit, wafers and…


Cake Pops

While cake pops might seem intimidating, especially when you see those perfect little orbs in a Starbucks display, my step-by-step guide makes it surprisingly simple. So, gather your ingredients, summon your inner pastry chef, and let’s create a batch of cake pops that both kids and adults will love. Ah, cake pops – little spheres…


Lemon Pudding

When the weather starts getting warmer, bright, fresh, and lemony desserts are always a must! If you’re looking for a no-bake, no-oven, no-hassle recipe, this lemon pudding is definitely worth a try. It’s creamy, smooth, and so fresh. All you need is some juicy lemons and a handful of simple ingredients to make a dessert…

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