15 Authentic Lebanese Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with 15 authentic Lebanese desserts you can easily make at home. From baklava to no-bake treats, this collection has a variety of options.

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Ever since I can remember, Lebanese desserts have been a staple at my family gatherings, and I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you. This roundup of 15 Lebanese sweets is close to my heart, featuring everything from the beloved crispy layers of Baklava to the creamy bowls of Rice Pudding. Whether you’re new to Lebanese cuisine or looking to revisit these classics, you’ll find dessert recipes here that promise to delight. Each one has a special place in my kitchen, and I hope they’ll find their way into yours, too. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the delicious world of Lebanese desserts together.

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If you’re looking for the best Lebanese dessert to close out your evening, you’ve come to the right place. This roundup of 15 authentic Lebanese desserts represents Lebanon’s diverse culinary traditions, from the world-renowned baklava to other Lebanese pastry recipes and no-bake desserts; this collection offers a taste of Lebanon right in your home. Learn how to whip up these easy Lebanese desserts with my simple tutorials and approachable techniques.

What are Lebanese Desserts?

  • Lebanese desserts originate from Lebanon’s culinary cuisine and range in flavors from mild and subtly sweet to bold and robust. These are some of the best Lebanese desserts that pair wonderfully with traditional Lebanese recipes, including chicken, beef, and hearty grain dishes.
  • Desserts from Lebanese cuisine are characterized by various nuts and floral essences, such as rose water and orange blossom water, and are often naturally sweetened with honey, dates/date syrup, or fruit.
  • Lebanese desserts also include warm spices like cinnamon and turmeric, which add depth and complexity to the sweet treats.
  • Some Lebanese pastry desserts feature phyllo dough, a key ingredient in the well-known Lebanese baklava recipe, which is loved worldwide for its layers of crispy goodness and sweet, nutty filling.

Tips for Making Lebanese Desserts

  1. Use natural sweeteners. Instead of processed sugar, choose sweeteners like honey, date syrup, or even whole dates. These wholesome ingredients add rich flavor to your treats.
  2. Experiment with nuts. Incorporate different combinations of nuts like pistachios, walnuts, pecans, and almonds to add variety and complexity to your easy Lebanese desserts. Pine nuts are also tasty in sweet recipes.
  3. Have fun with toppings. Chopped pistachios, pomegranate arils, or refreshing lemon zest all add delicious flavor and complimentary texture to desserts. Toasted sesame seeds add a nice crunch and savory taste.
  4. Know your basics. Brush up on how to soften butter, homemade yogurt, how to make self-rising flour, or simple syrup to whip up your Lebanese desserts effortlessly.
  5. Stock the pantry. Savoring Lebanese sweet treats is easy when you have the most common ingredients on hand. A few staple items are various nuts, dates, rice, and flour.

Best Lebanese Desserts

Lebanese desserts offer a rich tapestry of flavors and textures that are loved by everyone. From delicate Lebanese pastry recipes to buttery cakes, these are some of the best Lebanese desserts you’ll ever try. And if you want something more simple, cookies and no-bake sweet treats will satisfy that sweet tooth, offering an easy Lebanese dessert option for every craving!

Lebanese Pastry & Cake Recipes

  • Pistachio Baklava – A classic Lebanese pastry recipe is the baklava. It’s the perfect sweet and salty dessert made with layers of crispy phyllo dough, finely chopped pistachios, and coated with a delicious, simple syrup.
  • Lebanese Knafeh – A simplified version of a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with just a handful of ingredients, including shredded dough, butter, cheese, and sugar, drizzled with a simple rose water syrup.
  • Lebanese Baklava – This classic Lebanese pastry recipe is a work of art, but I share my favorite hack so you can make a batch in a fraction of the time. Layers of thin phyllo dough create a delicate and flaky base, while the drizzled melted butter makes it irresistibly delicious!
  • Namoura – If you’re looking for authentic Lebanese desserts, look no further than this semolina cake. It’s made with just a few simple ingredients, is super flavorful, and is always a hit with family and friends.
  • Sfouf – a semolina turmeric cake made with simple ingredients—no eggs, no butter—yes, please! This simple cake has mild flavors and is the perfect light dessert to go with your cup of morning coffee.

Best Lebanese Cookies

  • Maamoul – These filled cookies have always held a special place in my heart. They’re such a staple during special occasions thanks to their intricate designs. And their subtly sweet and rich buttery flavor complements the stuffing (either nuts or dates) well.
  • Tahini Cookies – Chewy, delicious, and made with just a handful of ingredients, this easy Lebanese dessert will be your go-to when you need a quick treat. Enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up or a shared dessert with friends; it’s good either way!
  • Ghraybeh Cookies – These Ghraybeh cookies are the best Lebanese dessert. It’s a shortbread cookie with a smooth and buttery texture and a delicate dollop of apricot jam. Simple to make and oh-so-delicious!
  • Pistachio Cookies – It’s common to find traditional Lebanese desserts with pistachio nuts, and these cookies seamlessly carry those flavors together. Chopped pistachios are incorporated into a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness!
  • Ataeyf – Airy and slightly sweet dessert that’s stuffed with cheese, drizzled with sugar syrup, and topped with crushed pistachios. The best Lebanese dessert to impress your friends and family because the combination of textures and flavors is just oh-so-good!

Easy No-Bake Lebanese Desserts

  • Ashta – Ashta is a Middle Eastern creamy dessert that’s great on its own, as a topping, or as a pastry filling to add to your favorite Lebanese pastry recipes. It’s made with 6 simple ingredients, and I share my shortcut to make it efficiently with the best flavor!
  • Semolina Pudding – Also known as layali lubnan, this easy Lebanese dessert will impress your guests and leave them wanting more. The creamy pudding is made from semolina, milk, sugar, and a touch of orange blossom water and topped with ashta and crushed nuts for a decadent Lebanese pistachio dessert.
  • Lebanese Rice Pudding – Easy, homemade, and full of creamy deliciousness. Short-grain rice is cooked in milk under tender and creamy, then flavored with vanilla extract and rose water for a mouthwatering dessert. Top with pistachios for a nice crunchy texture and enjoy!
  • Lebanese Fruit Cocktail – This easy Lebanese dessert combines fresh fruit in floral-infused strawberry juice and tops it with creamy ashta and chopped nuts. It’s perfect when you’re craving something sweet and refreshing!
  • Almond Milk Rice Pudding – You will love this healthy take on a classic recipe. It’s dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free but loaded with so much sweet and delicate flavor. Plus, it’s an easy Lebanese dessert that’s ready in 30 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most famous dessert in Lebanon?

One of the most popular Lebanese desserts is baklava. This iconic Lebanese pastry recipe consists of layers of thin phyllo dough, filled with a mixture of chopped nuts, typically walnuts or pistachios, and sweetened with simple syrup or honey.

What makes Lebanese baklava different from others?

The key feature in Lebanese baklava is that the syrup used to sweeten this pastry dessert is often flavored with rose water or orange blossom water, giving it a distinct fragrant aroma. This unique taste complements the richness of the nuts and delicate layers of phyllo dough and makes it a distinctive dessert.

What are some popular Lebanese desserts with pistachios?

Because pistachio nuts are such a key feature in Lebanese cuisine, they’re often used to add sweetness, crunch, and texture to desserts. A popular Lebanese pistachio dessert is the pistachio baklava, with its perfect blend of sweet and salty flavor. But more commonly, pistachios are often added as a topping to other easy Lebanese desserts like pudding, instantly elevating it with their vibrant green color and distinctive taste.

Spatula lifting up a diamond shaped piece of pistachio baklava with full try below it.

Recreate these authentic Lebanese desserts at home with these simple and approachable dessert recipes. Whether you’re up for a challenge and drawn to the iconic baklava or would prefer something simple, this collection offers sweet and delicious options that will be a true delight for any occasion.

Full List of Recipes

Check out the picture cards for all the recipes listed above. You can click on any of the recipes cards to take you directly to those recipes.

Plate with 2 pieces of baklava showing the thick pistachio layer and flaky layers.

Pistachio Baklava

Simple Lebanese-style pistachio baklava. If you love pistachios and crispy phyllo dough, this pistachio baklava is amazing. Perfect for any occasion!
3 hours 15 minutes
5 from 55 votes
Lebanese kanafa cut into squares on a round dish

Lebanese Homemade Knafeh

This Homemade Lebanese Knafeh is a simplified version of the Middle Eastern dessert made with layered shredded dough and mozzarella cheese soaked with syrup
40 minutes
5 from 252 votes
Side angle shot of sliced pieces of baklawa on a plate

Lebanese Baklava

Make homemade baklava in a fraction of the time with this deliciously easy method! Filled with walnuts and finished with an orange blossom simple syrup.
1 hour 5 minutes
5 from 546 votes
Recipe after cooling and a few pieces removed from pan and on a small white plate off to the side


Whether you call it Namoura, Basbousa, or just Semolina cake this recipe will delight. Made with semolina flour, almonds, and topped with a simple syrup.
1 hour 55 minutes
5 from 51 votes
White plate with three pieces of sfouf

Sfouf (Turmeric Cake)

Sfouf is a Middle Eastern semolina turmeric cake, made with simple ingredients, no eggs and no butter. It's vegan-friendly, light and delightful
50 minutes
5 from 325 votes
Maamoul cookies on a round decorative plate with extra walnuts dusted with powdered sugar.


These Maamoul cookies are made with semolina flour + two classic fillings – creamy dates & crunchy walnuts – a delicious Middle Eastern treat!
13 hours 5 minutes
5 from 90 votes
Honey Tahini Cookies covered with sesame seeds

Sesame Tahini Cookies

Sesame Tahini Cookies are chewy delicious gluten-free cookies with a Middle Eastern flavor. Instead of butter, tahini paste is used to add a rich nutty taste
23 minutes
5 from 432 votes
Large plate for ghraybeh shortbread cookies with pistachios on the side
Dessert, Snack


Simple to make with only a few ingredients, these Ghraybeh shortbread cookies are made with rosewater and filled with jam for a tasty treat.
1 hour 25 minutes
5 from 95 votes
Plate of holiday pistachio cookies topped with pistachio pieces

Pistachio Cookies

These pistachio cookies are a healthier version of my favorite Middle Eastern cookies. Gluten free with no added refined sugar. Delicious and easy to make.
20 minutes
5 from 66 votes
hand holding an atayef with a bite taken out showing cheesy inside
Breakfast, Dessert


Lebanese atayef, airy and slightly sweet middle eastern dessert stuffed with cheese and drizzled with sugar syrup (ater) and crushed pistachios.
2 hours
5 from 51 votes
Spoon lifting up some ashta with crushed pistachios on top showing a close up of the texture.
Dessert, Tutorial

How to Make Ashta

Learn how to make ashta, a creamy Middle Eastern dessert with just 6 ingredients. Enjoy it on its own, as a topping, or as a pastry filling.
1 hour 50 minutes
5 from 26 votes
A piece of pudding with chopped pistachios on a plate with simple syrup being poured over from a small clear pitcher.

Semolina Pudding (Layali Lubnan)

"Layali Lubnan," a Lebanese semolina pudding, is a deliciously creamy and fragrant dessert with a crunchy pistachio topping.
2 hours 50 minutes
5 from 5 votes
Overhead shot of two bowls of Lebanese Rice Pudding garnished with chopped pistachios and two serving spoons set off to side.

Lebanese Rice Pudding

Lebanese Rice Pudding {Riz Bi Haleeb} with rose water, and pistachios! This Middle Eastern rice pudding is easy, homemade, and full of creamy goodness!
40 minutes
5 from 60 votes
4 glasses of fruit cocktail, staggered, garnished with ashta on top and nuts sprinkled

Lebanese Fruit Cocktail

Lebanese Fruit Cocktail combines chopped fresh fruit in a floral-infused strawberry juice and tops it with creamy ashta and chopped nuts.
20 minutes
5 from 4 votes
Top down view of three glass jars with the pudding and toppings

Almond Milk Rice Pudding

This Almond Milk Rice Pudding is an easy and delicious Middle Eastern dessert recipe that's dairy-free, egg-free & gluten-free – healthy take on a classic
32 minutes
5 from 183 votes

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