What would we do without an oven? From comfort meals to dessert classics, this collection of recipes has something for every occasion. You can use it to make anything from Broccoli and Cheese Quiche to Hummus Crusted Chicken. It also makes the house smell amazing when you bake Chocolate Chip Banana Bread or Olive Oil Cake. If you’re looking for recipes specifically to make in your oven, this is the collection for you!


Quick Oven Dinner Recipes

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Chicken Shawarma

This homemade Chicken Shawarma brings all the authentic flavors you love right to your own home. Growing up in a Lebanese household, the smell of chicken shawarma roasting in the oven after marinating in a mix of spices and herbs was a frequent and welcomed scent in our kitchen. It was often our go-to dish for weekend meals or when we just wanted something flavorful and comforting.


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