Easy Halloween Party Tips

Here are ten tips to throw a scarily successful Halloween party. Super-simple ideas for party games, scavenger hunts, play lists, and snacks

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Here are some easy tips, tricks, and treats for a scary good Halloween party. Whether your house is the base camp for gangs of trick or treaters (and their adults) or the scene of a stand-alone scare-fest, these 10 ideas promise a screaming ghoul time.

Yumna setting down cookies for Halloween party
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10 tips for throwing A halloween party

  • Decorate: Greet guests with decorations at the door and add some surprises. Maybe scrawled message in red lipstick on the bathroom mirror: “Vampires must wash hands,” etc. Or keep it simple with some 3D plastic flying bats.
Yumna setting up bats decor in kitchen for Halloween
  • Know your audience: The littles call for a gentler experience: think pumpkins and dancing.
Kids drinking orange juice from monster mason jars
  • Add Some Savory Foods: If your house is the homebase for trick or treaters, big pots of soup or chili work with the ebb and flow, as do platters of finger foods. Go for roll-up sandwiches, cut-up veggies, dips and chips.
Halloween party food spread
  • Carve pumpkins: A Halloween party classic for a reason. Carve or decorate with markers and stickers.
Carine and Adam after carving pumpkins at Halloween party
  • Make the sweets magically disappear: Especially on the 31st, providing a healthy dinner is better than oodles of goodies. The kids may have pre-gamed at other parties, too.
  • Consider the bonfire: A bonfire or outdoor fireplace makes the perfect gathering spot.
  • Tell a tale: Gather round the campfire or candle-lit table. Warm up with macabre info on famous deaths from How They Croaked. Then segue into a local ghost story, standard campfire yarns, or read from books like True Ghost Stories for Kids.
  • Chill: Halloween is extra: Candy, monsters, the dark! Space permitting, provide a mellow place, where kids can relax and watch something gentle like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
  • Trick ’em: For older kids, maybe a “ghost” shows up on a baby monitor or a mysterious group text goes out.
  • Play music: You’ve got: “Monster Mash,” and “Thriller.” Don’t forget creepy organ classics like Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D [from The Haunted Mansion,] Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” Lady Gaga’s “Monster,” The Addams’ family theme, Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy!”

fun halloween PARTY games

These games work well for kids or adults and add some fun to the party.

  1. Spook up a classic. Do Halloween versions of classics, “Would You Rather” be a ghost or a Vampire? Halloween-only charades, or Truth or Scare. Play Party Plan has ideas and templates.
  2. Guess the grossness: Blindfold guests and guide them to mystery bowls or boxes of things like cold, oiled spaghetti (worms?), cooked rice (lice?), mushy cauliflower (brain?) or various dried fruit for body parts.
  3. Costume Parade: Line up your crew, play music and have them enter a room, or yard, one-by-one. Announce the monsters and princesses. This can be the start of a dance party.
  4. Scour the neighborhood: Use your neighbor’s decorations and landmarks to make a scavenger hunt. “Find the house with seven ghosts outside,” etc. Kids can look while they are trick or treating and compete for a prize upon return.
  5. Frankenmasks: Use flexible paper plates or mask shapes cut from sturdy paper. Sit around a table. Each person draws one part of the face before passing it on to the next one.
Jawad family at Halloween party

easy halloween treats

halloween themed recipes

If you’re looking to make some easy homemade recipes and treats, try some of these below – from dirt pudding cups and mummy pizzas, to the spookiest edible spiders and mummies!

Halloween party food spread

pre-made snacks

Your guests will expect lots of treats. Here are some great ideas for store-bought ones or with easy recipes you can whip up beforehand:

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