Easy Turkey Recipes for Lunch, Dinner & Holidays

This is my collection of Easy Turkey Recipes for Lunch, Dinner & Holidays. Enjoy weeknight recipes using ground turkey, like my Grilled Turkey Burgers or Baked Pasta with Ground Turkey! Of course, you’ll also find my Easy Thanksgiving Turkey and Dry-Brined Turkey Breast for special occasions. Have leftover turkey from Thanksgiving or the holidays? Try making my Turkey Rice Soup!

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Turkey Salad Sandwich

This Turkey Salad Sandwich recipe post is sponsored by Stonyfield, although the content represents my own personal opinion and experience using the product. Looking for a delicious and healthy way to use up your leftover turkey? This turkey salad sandwich recipe is perfect! Made with Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt instead of mayo, this sandwich is packed…


Turkey Rice Soup

This leftover turkey and rice soup with veggies is perfect for using up all of that…

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