September 2023 Cooking Challenge

Are you new to the Feel Good Foodie Cooking Challenge? Join us this month to make the recipe of the month, leave a rating on the recipe post and be entered to win some fun prizes! Read more below.

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We’re excited for a new month of the Feel Good Foodie Cooking Challenge! In August you helped us generate 71 new ratings and over 48 new comments on the Zucchini Bread recipe— thank you so much! We were able to give a financial donation to No Kid Hungry, while also awarding one of you a $100 gift card for participating. Thank you so much for joining us and for all of the photos and tags on social media!


September cooking challenge 2023 for cottage cheese alfredo pasta.

Are you new to the Feel Good Foodie Cooking Challenge? Join us each month to make the recipe of the month, leave a rating and a comment for the recipe on the post, and you’ll help us toward our donation for our selected charity of the month and be entered to win some fun prizes!

September RECIPE: Cottage cheese alfredo pasta

This recipe for Cottage Cheese Alfredo Pasta only requires 5 ingredients and can be enjoyed as a vegetarian dish or add lemon garlic shrimpoven baked chicken, or air fryer salmon to bump up the protein even more and make it a heartier meal.

Serving of cottage cheese alfredo pasta in a bowl with pot of recipe nearby.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Feel Good Foodie Cooking Challenge?

This Cooking Challenge is a fun way for us to join together and cook or bake the recipe of the month! It also allows us to collect feedback from all of you on your experience with the recipe, changes you’d make, ingredients you’d add, and more. It helps you get in the kitchen and try something new!

How does it work?

We’ll announce the Cooking Challenge at the start of the month on all social channels and in our Facebook Group. You will have until the last few days of the month to make the recipe and leave a rating and a comment on At the end of the month, we’ll share photos of some of your creations and announce a winner of a grand prize of a gift card to Amazon or gadget. This month’s winner will win an gift card and the prize will go to an individual with a U.S. shipping address.

How do I enter the challenge?

To enter the challenge, it’s required that you leave a rating and comment on the recipe card. You can also share photos of your creations on Instagram Stories using #feelgoodfoodie and tagging @feelgoodfoodie or in our Facebook group (optional).

Fork lifting up a bite of cottage cheese alfredo pasta from bowl.


We believe in spreading love and kindness however we can. We’re going to give $1.00 for every recipe rating to Zaman InternationalHope for Humanity. Thank you for supporting our goals of giving back to missions and non-profits that we feel passionate about!

What you’ll win!

The cooking challenge is a great way for you to experience new tasty recipes but also gives you the chance to win a prize! This month, we’re giving away another $100 Amazon Gift Card!

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  1. Winner winner pasta dinner @feelgoodfoodie September cooking challenge 🧑‍🍳 so delicious 😋 it reminded me of one of my childhood favorite dish- Hungarian cottage cheese pasta – Túrós csusza – it was a winner in our house 🏡 thank you @feelgoodfoodie for another keeper recipe – I made it with roasted garlic and @traderjoes linguine @good_culture cottage cheese the best cottage cheese I ever had in USA and of course Italian Parmesan with parsley 🌿 heaven 💕 I also posted it on my Instagram @agi1971

  2. So here is my recipe challenge experience…..the first time I made it exactly as the recipe said. The sauce tastes so freaking good. You’d never know it was cottage cheese. But when I added it to the pasta and added the hot pasta water, it totally seized up. It tasted good, but wasn’t creamy.
    So I put it in the fridge and decided to figure it out another day. So today…I heated the pasta up slowly with a little butter. Made another batch of sauce… This time I used grated Parmesan (in the green bottle 😉) and didn’t add any hot water. Added it to the reheated pasta and it turned out heavenly! Going to get protein pasta and make it for my boyfriend. He’s going to think I’m lying about it being made without heavy cream. (He loves my fettuccine Alfredo)

    1. It will seize up if you use pre-grated or shredded parm cheese. It’s coated in an anti-caking agent that does not play nice when melted. I am glad you were able to recover it though!

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