How To Control Your Kids’ Holiday Sugar Rush

Are you dreading the sugar rush from the upcoming Holidays? Luckily, there are some things you can do to avoid a massive candy catastrophe in your household so you can make the most out of these holidays. Check out these tips for controlling your Holiday candy distribution.

Outline Expectations Ahead Of Time

It’s important to be clear about your Holiday candy expectations. Let your children know how much candy they are allowed to have at night and in the days to come. This will make it a lot easier for you to deny your child’s request for extra candy as the night progresses. If your child says, “Just one more piece mom!” you can refer back to the rules you already outlined. You may still get a temper tantrum out of the night, but at least you’ve set a foundation for your parenting.

Make A Candy Calendar

This is a fun way to control how much candy your child eats every day. Create a calendar ahead of time that he or she can put candy into, similar to an advent calendar you might use around Christmas. You can glue toilet paper rolls together or paint over a bottle box/case you can get from a local liquor store (one with cardboard slots in it). You could even use a pill calendar for small candy like Skittles or M&M’s. The possibilities are endless!

Use Candy For Rewards

If your child is easily motivated by candy, use that to your advantage. Create a rewards system for chores, homework, and the like using candy as a form of currency. You can motivate your child by offering more or less candy for good/bad behavior. You can also continue to hold onto the candy to use for rewards. If your child does a chore without being asked, give him or her a piece of candy. Good grade at school – piece of candy. You get the idea.

Give Candy Early

To prevent a late-night sugar rush (followed by a grumpy bedtime routine) give your child their candy as early as possible. Once you get home, set a timeframe that your child is allowed to consume candy – after dinner, before 8:30, before brushing their teeth, etc. You can adjust this timeframe based on school nights and weekend nights until you are done with those sweet treats.

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